Danbury Music Center

Dating back to 1685, the city of Danbury, Connecticut has many historic landmarks. The town also boasts many traditions, with culture and music being very important to its residents.

A source of great pride for the city is the Danbury Music Centre. Founded in 1935, its primary purpose was to cultivate musicians in Danbury, and not just the professional ones.

To this day, this vision continues to be realized. Local musicians of all ages are given the opportunity to enrich their musical talents and to perform for their fellow Danbury residents. Most performances are completely free of charge.

One of the major achievements of the Danbury Music Centre is that it offers amateur musicians the chance to perform and to share their talent. There are so many incredibly talented people in this world, but so few really make it big.

Think of the recent international phenomenon that is Susan Boyle. The Danbury Music Centre is great in that it gives those undiscovered talents the chance to be a part of great productions.

While they may not make their living as professional musicians, such talents are still able to pursue some of their dreams through the Danbury Music Centre. Each year, for example, a production of Handel’s Messiah is put on at this venue.

Imagine how many dreams have been realized over the decades through this production of Messiah. Parents have wept tears of joy as they have seen their children take the stage.

Picture the hearts that have been moved by the glorious voices that fill the air as Messiah is performed. And, think of the strong bond that is formed by those who dedicate their hearts and souls to being a part of this event.

By providing a source of great pride, the Danbury Music Centre brings the community together. In an increasingly impersonal world in which children communicate more on Facebook than on the telephone, thank goodness such an organization still exists.

Additionally, cities all over the country are losing support of the performing arts. Fortunately that is not the case in Danbury, largely due to the tradition of the Danbury Music Centre.

It is too bad that very few other cities have followed suit with such an organization. Just imagine how much society would benefit if more children were aspiring to play their string instruments well – instead of beating each other at video games.

The Danbury Music Centre is a wonderful place, and one that hopefully will be in existence for many more years. It is crucial that the arts survive, and it is organizations such as this one that provide some hope that they will.