Danbury Fair Mall shopping guide

The Danbury Fair Mall sits on a piece of land which used to be the area’s fairgrounds. The mall was built in 1986 and to date is one of the largest in all of New England. Every year many come to the Danbury Fair Mall from near and far to shop in the many stores which the mall houses.

The mall is conveniently located off of Interstate 84 (Exit 3) which makes the shopping easy to access from whichever direction you are coming from. Once you get off the exit as you drive around the bend you’ll see how huge the mall is and get a glimpse of just how much is housed on the inside.

If you are an avid shopper chances are you’ll be enthralled with what the Danbury Mall has to offer. Contained inside those walls are over 200 shops and eateries to explore. There is lots of variety with something to match every taste or style.

Attached to the mall are several anchoring stores and these are familiar brand names such as Lord & Taylor’s, JC Penney, Sears and Macy’s. The mall directory will show there are many choices of shops to visit as you start your shopping spree.

The food court has many eateries and enough choice to please any palate. A unique feature to the Danbury Fair Mall is that it houses a huge double decker carousel in the food court which is fun to watch and adds a nice touch of flair. Kids love it!

During the holiday season the mall is usually pretty packed so it might be a good idea to try and shop during the week if possible or get there early if you must shop on the weekend. Parking can get a little sticky and navigating the inside of the mall might be challenging due to large crowds.

Shopping at the Danbury Mall during the holidays is a fun time of the year to shop there because of the decor and overall exciting atmosphere. Santa of course is there and there are other community based events which the mall usually hosts. The annual decorations are rather pretty and this is another aspect the kids love to view as mom or dad shops.

The mall is very family friendly with spacious restrooms and even a children’s play area. Between the carousel, food court and the play area there is enough fun activities to take a break for the kids to let loose and have some fun to distract.

If you are in the area and love to shop, the Danbury Fair Mall will likely satisfy that need. The mall is open on Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If I remember correctly the hours may be expanded during the holiday shopping season as well. You can call (203) 743-3247 to double check the hours.

The Danbury Fair Mall is a great place to shop and another terrific aspect is its proximity is very close to other shopping as well. There is a terrific strip mall which is adjoined by a convenient access road so you can seamlessly go from one to the other. If you are an avid shopper you’ll likely enjoy this shopping jaunt.