Cuisine in Hartford Ct

More than just “New England’s Rising Star,” Hartford Connecticut is a Mecca of global cuisine. With its endless dining options, downtown Hartford is a prime spot to head when you are looking for a quiet lunch or dinner. Italian, Pan Asian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean cuisines are just some of the international options you will find.

Abyssinian Ethiopian Restaurant:
If you are looking for the non-traditional dining experience, you will enjoy the dining experience offered by Abyssinian. This cozy restaurant is completely run by the owner, who is always there to greet you. The customer service part of the experience is a 10. You can get recommendations on many delicious menu items and if you have never taken part in Ethiopian dining, you will get a crash-course. Injera, Ethiopian flatbread, is your dining utensil and you dine off the same plate as all your dining partners. For the best authentic Ethiopian food, meat lovers and vegetarians alike flock to 533 Farmington Avenue in Hartford.

This is not your typical American bar and grill. Pick up a copy of “The Tap Tattler” or download one offline. You’ll enjoy the humor and the games in each issue. It also showcases the menu with tasty treats like Tap Room Fries and Bar Bites. Theme nights and Tappy Hour keep the evenings exciting. Located at 99 Sisson Avenue, this restaurant may resemble a house on the outside, but you will feel the comfortable bar & grill atmosphere when you walk inside.

Saigon Kitchen:
Just because it is labeled a “fast-food” restaurant does not mean poor quality food. This Asian restaurant is packed, often with lines out the door. Don’t let the line out the door deceive you because the line will move quickly. You will get the traditional Chinese favorites you love and new pan-Asian flavors that will keep you coming back for more. The food is always fresh and they make great homemade hot oil, if you like your food with a little more spice to it. Be sure to try the house special, Hot and Spicy Chicken. Saigon Kitchen is located at 942 Main Street in the historic Richardson building, right in the heart of downtown.

Carbone’s Ristorante:
If you are looking for an elegant atmosphere and a meal that could be compared to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, head over to Carbone’s. It does not matter if your budget is large or small, you will find a tasty Italian cuisine. Carbone’s offers a 7-course Roman dinner for the bargain price of $35.00. You can also order off the cafe menu if you are looking for a lighter fare. Homemade breads and delicious desserts will have you coming back for more. Carbone’s is located at 588 Franklin Avenue. Mangia bene!

With the extensive local and international dining selections it will be like dining in another world. Downtown Hartford offers your taste buds a cultural experience to fit any budget.