Connecticut Hartford where to Jog in Ct Runners in Hartford Jogging Made Easy

Running enthusiasts who find themselves living in the heart of downtown Hartford, Connecticut need not despair. Get out those running shoes and get ready to enjoy a view of the city few motorists get to experience as they speed through the Capital Region on Interstate 84.

There is an excellent jogging route waiting for you outside your door. Hit the pavement and make your way through Constitution Plaza. The brick and concrete plaza, built in the 1960s, is the first urban renewal project undertaken by the city of Hartford. While it hasn’t measured up to pre-construction hype to revitalize the downtown area, the project created a great area for joggers or those looking for a quiet stroll.

During the work day, Constitution Plaza can be a bit crowded for a solitary run. When the 5 o’clock whistle blows, the plaza clears out and runners have smooth sailing to get their run completed without too many obstacles slowing their pace.

In 2000, Constitution Plaza was linked to the Riverfront Recapture project by an elevated pedestrian walkway. The link allows runners and walkers to take advantage of the trail system snaking along the banks of the Connecticut River without risking high volume traffic areas including Interstate 84 which bisects the city.

Once you reach the Riverfront area, paved trails make jogging, with or without a stroller a breeze. If you are training for a road race or a marathon, the safe jogging route can be extended, thanks to an 18-foot-wide walkway on Founders Bridge which carries vehicular traffic across the Connecticut River to East Hartford’s Riverfront Park.

Jogging routes in downtown Hartford aren’t limited to the Constitution Plaza and Riverfront Recapture projects. Bushnell Park in the very center of Hartford is a natural choice for runners to exercise. The park offers both grass surfaces for running as well as paved walkways. Mature trees shade much of the park and can keep a runner cool during the mid-summer heat in Harford.

While jogging, runners can get a quick history lesson about the city and the state of Connecticut. Jog under the arch that connects the towers of the Soldiers and Sailors Arch built in 1886 to honor the Connecticut residents who served and died during the Civil War.

Trot past the Corning Fountain and take a peak at the American Indian sculptures gracing the fountain. The images depict the native residents of Hartford hunting and fishing, some of the activities they pursued before the founding of Hartford. A hart stands atop the fountain as a symbol of the city, which it has come to represent.

Avid runners need not worry their routine will be interrupted when they come to Harford. There are ample choices for safe jogging routes right in the heart of downtown.