Best Restaurants in Greenwich Connecticut Pasta Vera Elm Street Oyster Bar

Everyone love to eat, and taking that long awaited vacation is no exception. For those of you planning a trip to Greenwich Connecticut there are a variety of dining experiences to chose from.

There is of course the old standby fast food restaurants. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s, as well as a host of pizza and Chinese restaurants to choose from. However, if you are looking for something more relaxing, upscale, or just more East Coast you might enjoy visiting some of the cities best dining establishments.

If you are looking for a romantic night out, with a touch of gay Paree, then you can find no place better than Le Figaro Bistro De Paris. Located at 372 Greenwich Ave. Le Figaro gives you a touch of Paris without leaving Greenwich, The beige facade with the red awnings and the wrought Iron trim gives you that Continental feeling before you set food through the door.

Once inside you will be captivated by the tile floors, and the red tin wainscoting on the wall. The round tables with their starched white tablecloths and the framed mirrors and brass rails sets the mood for a leisurely dinner, as does the folding doors that leads to the lounge and the sidewalks beyond. The entire place is so clean you could eat off the floor.

It is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two and the food is fabulous from their Tuna Steak to free range chicken with mustard sauce to their steak tartar. Dinners are reasonably priced too, running from between $16.00 and $25.00.

It is truly a place where you can enjoy a quiet romantic dinner, while enjoying the mood and look of Paris the city of love.

For top class dining, there is simply no experience that can beat a visit to Jean Louis From the moment you step through the door at 61 Lewis Street to the minute you leave, your senses with be titillated and tantalized.

The eye catching decor will make your first impression a lasting one. From the antique pressed tin ceiling, to the signature place settings and custom glassware, to the the fascinating display of paintings from world renown French Artists, Jean Louis is sure to have a relaxing and visually pleasing affect on you.

You will feel like a special and honored quest as Jean Louis and his wife, Linda personally see to every aspect of your dining experience. You will be treated to attentive but subtle service in the manner of the finest European establishments.

But the real experience of your visit can only be had by ordering the exquisitely prepared five course dinner tasting menu. Prepared by Chef Gerin himself, the menu in a combination of innovation and classic cuisine using the freshes ingredients from around the globe. This menu is especially designed to excite your senses while pleasing your palate.

The dinner tasting menu is reasonably priced at $70.00 and worth every penny as the atmosphere, service and great food has made this establishment the finest restaurant in Connecticut.

If you are looking for a taste of New England, then the Elm Street Oyster House is the place to be. Located at 11 West Elm Street. This wonderful seafood establishment offers a charming and magically ambiance, from the reproduction of Madam X hanging over the marble topped bar to the colorful mural in the 36 seat dining room. Known for its wonder service and large variety of sea food the Elm Street Oyster House truly gives you the feeling of New England and its bounty from the sea. Not only does it have a large raw seafood bar, but offers such wonderful delights as Clam chowder, and champagne battered oysters. There menu is extensive and a real treat for all seafood lovers.

While Greenwich offers many fine dining establishments these three have consistently stood out as the best. Visited by locals and tourists alike, most all agree that these are the ultimate in dining experiences. So, while in Greenwich enjoy your stay and bon appetite!