Best Places to Shop in Danbury Ct

If you live in the area you already know how great shopping is almost synonymous with Danbury, CT. Every year many travel near and far into Danbury in order to explore the many shopping locations in the vicinity. If you are an avid shopper chances are you’ll love Danbury.

With places to shop such as the Danbury Fair Mall, Stew Leonard’s, the many strip malls and the numerous stand alone stores there is plenty of opportunity to experience some terrific shopping when you go to Danbury.

If you are traveling to Danbury you might want to consider setting aside a whole day to shop because once you get there you’ll find the hours quickly pass by as you are likely to come across many stores of interest during your time there.

I used to live in the vicinity of the NY/CT state border and I’d frequently hop on I-84 and head on over to Danbury in order to get some serious shopping done. Here are my top picks:

The Danbury Fair Mall is the largest mall in Connecticut and one of the most expansive in all of New England. Built on top of the former Fairgrounds, this mall attracts people from new and far annually. It’s conveniently located off of Interstate 84 and you can see the mall from the highway, it is that close.

The mall is two levels and hosts a variety of shops to discover. There are also the standard “anchor” stores such as Sears, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and JC Penney. One of the most unique attributes of this mall is the double decker Carousel which spans into the food court, which is a nice tribute to the land’s former glory of being a popular fair location. The kids love it!

After you’re done with the mall, you can cross the adjoining access road and shop some more. Conveniently located next to the mall is a huge strip mall which houses popular stores such as Toys R Us, Barnes and Noble, The Christmas Shoppe and many other great little stores. This strip mall is literally a hop, skip and a jump from the mall. If you are doing holiday shopping, exit 3 off I-84 is a great stop to make for one stop shopping.

Another great shopping area is off Federal Road, which is also conveniently located near I-84. You’ll find several great small strip malls, restaurants, large stores such as Kohls, Michael’s, Costco and even a Harley Davison store. It has been a while since I’ve been on Federal Road but when I was last there in 2006 the area was going through some huge expansions with new shopping areas being built.

A neat aspect of Federal Road is you can also experience a unique grocery shopping spree . This is one food store even the kids will love. Stew Leonard’s is one of those stores you should experience at least once in your life. Lots of fresh foods, unique products and it’s even fun for the kids (hey who wouldn’t love an indoor ice cream shop?). There are also animated foods characters located throughout the store which kids and adults alike have a blast watching dance and sing as you choose your foods.

There is even a terrific buffet you can stop at and choose a terrific lunch on your way out. There is lots of seating and if the diverse buffet isn’t your style, there is even a large BBQ area set up next to the store near the Home and Garden shop. Stew Leonard’s is more than a grocery, it’s a fun experience. Anytime I made the trek to Danbury I’d make sure it was a grocery week so I could indulge. Federal Road has lots to offer in terms of shopping if you have the time to poke around.

These are only a handful of shopping areas that Danbury offers. The area has lots more to offer, but I’ve found most of my shopping needs confined to the areas located right off of I-84. The 40 minute ride to Danbury was always worth the trip and I was never disappointed with the shopping I discovered.