Best Elementary Schools in Westport Ct

Westport is one of the most affluent towns in Ct and as such you would expect their school system to be one of the best, you would be exactly right it is one of the best. The school district spends an average of almost $16,000 per student which is $4000 above the state average in Connecticut.

Public Schools

Saugatuck Elementary School K-5 489 students

170 Riverside Ave

This is a relatively new school having opened for the school year 2002/2003 academic year. This school has a rating of 84 in a rating where 100 is the best school in Connecticut. In 2006 the school population was predominantly white with 94 %white and 6% other. The racial mix is this school does not reflect the racial mix in most schools in Ct. The student teacher ratio is 14.5. This school rates about 15% above the rest of the state in the Adequate Yearly Progress, Rating 88% or above in all areas. They also were above average in the Ct mastery Tests in all three grades tested, 3rd, 4th and 5th. It was rated a 10 on

Green Farms Elementary School K-5 499 students

17 Morningside Dr

There are four classes in each grade. In the Connecticut Mastery Tests the students scored 24% above the state average in the 5th grade reading and well above in all other areas. They scored a nine out of ten with parents on The teacher to student ratio is 12:1

Kings Highway Elementary School K-5 490 students

125 Post Rd

They have a 12.3 Teacher to student ratio. They are rated a nine on Well above average in the Ct State Mastery Test. Third grade reading is an outstanding 24% above the state average. The student population is 95% white and 5 % other.

Long Lots School K-5 608 students 9

13 Hyde Lane

This is the largest of the Westport elementary Schools. They scored 25% above state average in reading in 4th grade. Well above average in every category of testing. They have a 13:1 ratio of students to teacher and they rated 9 out of ten with

Coleytown Elementary PreK -5 518 students

65 Easton Rd

11.1 student to teacher ratio Ct mastery test 21% above the state average in 4th grade reading and also 5th grade reading. Above the state average in all categories tested. They are rated 9 out of 10 on . They are the only elementary school with a pre-K and they have 55 students in the program.

Private School

Pierrepont School

1 Sylvan Rd

If you are looking for a private elementary school, the Pierrepont School in Westport is the perfect choice. With classes from kindergarten through high school this is a school where your child can spent their entire academic life and all the children in your family will be in the same school. The teacher to student ratio is a very impressive three to one which guarantees that the students get the individual attention they need. This is a school where your child is not held back by their chronologic age and placement is determined not only by age but by ability. This is an atmosphere where gifted children can flourish.

Knowledge is of course in the forefront but the arts also excel here with dance, music and theater. Tuition for elementary school is $27,000 per year, there is tuition assistance available. The amount of assistance will be determined by need.

If you are lucky enough to live in Westport Ct you can’t make a bad choice in elementary schools. Whether you want to send your child to public or private school, the education that they will receive will be among the best available in the state of Connecticut.