An Overview of the Fairfield Public School System what Makes it so Great

All you need to do is glance at the demographics of Fairfield Ct and you understand why Fairfield’s school system is considered superior, even in a rich state known for excellence in education.

The hard cold facts tell a story that like it or not makes Fairfield’s public schools tower above other towns. If you had to pick one word that would answer the question, what makes Fairfield public schools so great? That word would have to be money.

For example Fairfield, for the most part, is a town composed of wealthy to very wealthy, educated, hard working people who have a great interest in raising their children and grandchildren in a town that boasts an exceptional educational system.

They are willing to fight for lower teacher to student ratios for example or pay higher taxes so that their children are using the latest textbooks, have access to the most modern computers and access to school sports and creative arts.

The children of Fairfield are brought up in nice houses where knowledge is revered and life is made easier because of Mom and Dad’s good income.

While the average house in Connecticut sells for $295,000, the average house in Fairfield sells for $618,000. Even when homes were sitting on the market for months and months, the Fairfield housing market stayed healthy and active.

The town of Fairfield also has no problem spending money on town students. Expenditures per pupil currently rank $8,667.

The average teacher’s salary is slightly under $60,000 per year, high for many areas in the state. Teachers want to teach in a town that values education and shows it by salaries, pupil expenditures and teacher support from parents and the community.

Fairfield gets the best teachers because they pay well so they can pick and choose who they hire.

Fairfield has a low drop out rate, a low unemployment rate and a miniscule poverty rate. Fairfielders keep their kids in school and keep their jobs.

When parents aren’t worrying about finding a job or worse, finding a way to feed their family, they can have the time to nurture and mentor their children more than families where both parents are working at two poor-paying jobs.

Money gives Fairfield kids a leg up on Mastery Tests and SAT scores; both of these scores are higher in Fairfield than the state level and national level.

Learning camps, tutors, home computers all support the young learner and help the pupil maintain an active inquisitive mind fueled by interesting lesson plans, excellent classroom materials and teachers who show passion not just for teaching, but for learning too.

It can’t be denied that money is a prime cause of Fairfield, CT’s reputation as an outstanding place to live and place to go to school. Money creates the formula needed for a successful school system and students: teachers who want to teach, combined with children who have been born and bred to value education and encouraged to do well, and the money that makes all of this happen.