A little Slice of Heaven Greenwich Point Ct

When 6 am hits, and the sun creeps over the horizon to light up the white sand beaches at Greenwich Point, you better have that sunscreen on and be prepared to have fun. Your only problem is going to be deciding exactly what it is you want to do. What makes this wonderful summer hot spot one of the East Coast’s best points to stop at along your travels this summer? Variety is the word that best describes its alluring appeal to the summer traveler. Unlike most summer beach towns, Greenwich Point presents you and your family so many other activities that will keep you busy the whole day through. With all this said, let us take a look at some of the great things to do while you stop at this little piece of heaven on the Connecticut shore.

For instance, are you by chance a nature lover? If you are, Greenwich Point has something for you. Not only are there walking and hiking trails all throughout this 147 acre stretch of land, but there are many nature walks that you can partake in. A group called the friends of Greenwich Point sponsor many fun, as well as informative, walks of this type, including ones that point out local points of interest, as well as others that focus on natural history. That is not all though. You can learn about friends of the water if you come at the right time of year, as in late May or early June you can go on a “Horseshoe Crab Walk”, and learn about these amazing shelled creatures. Maybe it’s the birds that interest you. There are walks that are tailored to the bird enthusiasts as well. If you just feel like being alone, there are plenty of paths for that type of thing as well.

Perhaps water sports are something that you enjoy doing while at the beach. If that is your pleasure, Greenwich Point has something for you as well. Not only can you swim from most anywhere along this long stretch of beach, but you can also do just about any other water related sport you can think of. Wind surfing and sail boarding are two popular activities for both locals and tourists. If being in the water is not your cup of tea, perhaps pulling things out of it will be more to your liking. There is plenty of excellent fishing spots off of the coast, as well as two shell fishing areas which are also allowed to be used, but only during designated times of the year. Charter a boat and take one out off shore and see Greenwich Point from a different perspective. It is all here for the nature and water fans out there.

Maybe you’re a friend of the arts? If so, there is also something for you to delight in when you arrive here. Four times during the summer, concerts that are free to the public are put on at the Seaside Garden at Greenwich Point. These concerts, which are sponsored again by The Friends of Greenwich Point, take place on four Sunday afternoons during the summer season, and kick off on Father’s Day, June 21 this year. Subsequent offerings will be on July 12, 26, and conclude on Aug 9. You cannot beat this setup. The concerts begin as the sun is heading down for the evening at 5:30, and last till 7pm, leaving plenty of time for other night life activities that you might want to take part in later. So if this sounds like something for you, pack up a few snacks, get out those folding chairs, and stroll on down to the Seaside Garden and enjoy a wonderful night in the park with some great music.

It could be that you’re a fitness buff, or one of those weekend workout warriors. Do not feel neglected here. There is plenty of action for you as well. Aside from the numerous water related activities you can take part in, there are also plenty of paths for those of you that enjoy fun of the wheeled variety. You will see them all at Greenwich Point: Bicycles, Roller blades, and skate boarders to just name a few. The town also does something pretty ingenious on Sundays from November through April one where they institute a traffic-restricted program that restricts motorized vehicles from entry past the main parking lots at the beginning on the beach entrance. This gives those that want to take part in their normal wheeled exercise the freedom to do so without the worry of oncoming traffic and such. Another pretty nifty idea on the part of the townspeople!

Finally, maybe you’re just up with the family and want to spend a nice day at the beach and share a little picnic or something of that nature. Well Greenwich Point has you covered there as well. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables strategically located through this expanse of beach that are situated in such a way to give your family a simple breathtaking view of the water, as you dine on your picnic lunch or diner.

This place sounds just perfect doesn’t it? Well it comes close if it isn’t. The important thing is that there is something for just about everyone in your family to do and enjoy. Do remember though that if you are not a native of Greenwich Point, you will be required to stop by the City Hall at Eastern Greenwich Civic Center and obtain a pass to be able to use this beautiful area. It is a couple bucks, but it is money well spent and your family will truly be richer for the experience.