Where to find inexpensive Halloween gear in Denver

Denver, Colorado is a family-friendly state and a mecca for Halloween fun and festivities. Most local communities in Denver and the surrounding areas have a Haunted House venue for scary thrills and chills that operate all through the month of October. Costume shops are bountiful providing all the paraphernalia necessary for a top-notch Halloween party. With school, church and social gatherings rampant with celebrations, you could potentially need more than one Halloween costume for yourself and your family members.

For costumes that may only be worn once, or two times at the most, you don’t want to invest huge sums of money. Several costumes for different family members can really put a hole in the budget.

Here is a list of some places in the Denver area where you might obtain cheap Halloween costumes:

Goodwill Industries of Denver

Located at 21 South Broadway, Denver, Colorado, 80209, telephone number, 303-722-1440. This is the cities largest thrift store. It is highly possible that you can find exactly the vintage Halloween costume you are seeking and the cost will be a pittance compared to what you might spend for a new costume in one of the retail stores.

Costume Country Rentals

Costume Country is located at 4381 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado, 80113, telephone, 303-761-8281. Renting is a good option if you wish to have a different or unique costume every year, but don’t want to spend a lot, there are costumes available for rent anywhere from $15.00 – $75.00. Renting a costume might be appealing to eco-conscious individuals who are concerned with preserving the environment, and want to limit the manufacture of new costumes that use up resources and ultimately might end up cluttering up waste disposal landfills.

Common Threads Costume swap

This consignment store at 2707 Spruce Street in Boulder, Colorado holds an annual Halloween costume swap where you can exchange costumes from previous years for a different one for the current year. Even if you do not make it to the Costume Swap event, you might find a costume in their consignment inventory.

The Wizard’s Chest

The Wizard’s Chest has the largest selection of new costumes for children and adults in town. They may not be the cheapest selection, but you will be assured of finding what you are looking for, no matter how out of the ordinary your preference. Even if you are not in the market to purchase a costume, visiting their upper floor Halloween emporium might provide you with creative ideas that you can recreate at home. The Wizard’s Chest is located at 230 Fillmore Street, Denver, Colorado, 80206, telephone number 303-321-4304.

If you live in the Denver area, or are visiting over the Halloween season, you are sure to find just the right costume in one of these places, in order to round out your Halloween fun without breaking the budget in the process.