When you are seeking things to do in the evening in Telluride, Colorado

Gallivanting through the snow during the day in Telluride, Colorado is all well and good. The sun will be out and you’ll have a lot to look at, what with the blanket of white over the mountains and all; in fact you’d be crazy not to be outdoors, immersed in nature, while you’re visiting Telluride.

But what about the nightlife? Sure, there’s some stuff to do, but once the chill of darkness sets in you’ll probably seek some indoor entertainment. Nobody wants to be outside all the time, after all.

Well, lucky for you there’s more to Telluride than just ski lifts and dog sleds. Telluride stays alive well into the night, every night you just need to track down the right venues.

Start with dinner. You’ll need a good place to chow down. Most of the premium spots are located in downtown Telluride, and one of the best among them is the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. Based outside the Hotel Columbia (which is especially advantageous for tourists staying AT the hotel), the Cosmopolitan offers fine dining in an upscale yet relaxed environment. Expect a unique blend of French, American, Thai and other cuisines to tempt your palate, along with a hearty range of wine to kick off an evening of drunken fun.

Don’t drink too much, though your evening’s just getting started. It’s time to check out the club life. If you decided to forego a heavy dinner and wanted more drinks and a livelier atmosphere, try the Bluepoint Grill and Noir Bar. Not far from the Gondola between Telluride and Mountain Village, Bluepoint is a combination of plush leather, live music and well-mixed drinks. Or if you want to swing on the organic side of life, try the Bubble Lounge: complete with oxygen bar, organic wine and crazy DJs, the Bubble Lounge is a unique way to spend the wee hours of the morning.

Maybe you’re looking for seasonal events, though. Things that only happen once a year but leave impressions for a lifetime. In that case, you need to try the September-based Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Based in day and night alike, the festival combines blues, rock, soul, gospel and more into a three-day tour de force spanning from day to night. During the day you can listen to the artists performing outdoors, and when night falls you can partake of the wares of a microbrewery while listening to late night jam sessions in downtown Telluride.

Nobody wants to wear skis all day. Loosen up a bit and have some fun in Telluride. Just make sure you sober up before you go skiing again the next day, cause there’s nothing worse than flying down a black diamond run while alcohol’s still pounding through your veins.