The Climate of Rocky Mountain National Park co

Rocky Mountain National Park is a place with varied climates and environments. This large park is located in Boulder, Colorado. This area includes the Continental Divide and the headwaters of the Colorado River. The warmest months of the park are July and August. During these months, temperatures can reach the 80s and drop below freezing at night. In the afternoons, there are frequent thunderstorms. Between the months of October and May, heavy winter snow occurs. During the winter, snow levels can reach about 9,000 feet. Some roads and parts of the park will close during the winter season like Fall River and Trail Ridge. Many trails are covered with snow during this time of the year.

Popular activities during the winter months in this park include snowshoeing and skiing. During the spring season it is really wet. The wetness is caused by rain and snow. There is even snow in late July. The east side of the park is much drier tthan the west side. The Rocky Mountain National Park has low elevations which include grasslands and montane forests. In the higher elevations of the park are much drier areas where the ponderosa pine thrives. Fir trees are also found growing in these dry areas. In the tundra area there are harsh winds and weather. Streams across the park have created lush wetlands. In the high mountain areas of Rocky Mountain National Park are small glaciers and snowfields. The subalpine forests of the park contain a lot more moisture causing these forests to be quite dense. The park has two basic climate patterns. On the east side it is dry and arid and on the west side it is wet.  

Each year thousands of visitors come to explore Rocky Mountain National Park as it has so much natural beauty to offer. The park attracts nature lovers and birdwatchers. In 2010, there were wildfires that caused about 1500 acres to burn. These wildfires were started by lightning. Some of the highest mountain peaks have ice and rock routes that also attract visitors. The many lakes and streams that form from snow melting provide for excellent fishing. Downhill skiing is also a popular sport. Rocky Mountain National Park has much breathtaking scenery. It is great place to visit anytime of the year. A variety of wildlife make their home in the park throughout the year. This park has many fragile ecosystems. Meadows and hillsides attract many visitors to the wildflowers.