Hiking Rocky Mountain style

There are hundreds of hiking trails in Colorado. There are trails for every level of hiking ability. This article will introduce you to a variety of choices and skill levels. When it comes to hiking the state of Colorado is the king.

There are over 40 wheelchair accessible hike trails in Colorado. This state has gone out of their way to make sure there are plenty of options. Wheelchair accessible does not mean just a walk in the park. There may be some tough hills and gravel, it may be a work out, but it can be done. Check the links to see if it is a trail that may work for your party.

Cañon City, Colorado – Arkansas River Trail – This trails goes about seven miles through the wetlands and cottonwoods along the river.  

Cherry Creek Trail – This trail winds forty miles through Denver, parker, Centennial and Franktown. Not all parts of the trail are accessible,  but there are sections that will work well.

* Folwer Trail – Eldarado Canyon State Park – This is a great trail because it is easy and you can get a spectacular view of the canyon. There are often rock climbers that you can watch creep through crevesses and cling to canyon walls.

Trails near hot springs are another great idea for hiking. Even in the summer time it is nice to take a soak in hot mineral springs after a hike. 

Grizzly Creek Trail and Glenwood Hot Springs – This is not a trail for beginners or wimps! It cuts into the north side of Glenwood Canyon. The trail follows Grizzly Creek up 2,500 vertical feet. It is beautiful with waterfalls and the colorful walls of the canyon. Come back down and relax your muscles at Glenwood Hot Springs. This is a huge spa and hot springs with all the pools, massages and tools needed to unwind after the rough hike.

Ice Lake Trails and Orvis, Ouray, or  Weisbaden Hot Springs – This is one of the most beautiful trails for viewing wildflowers and enjoying the choices of three different developed hot springs. The San Juan peaks protect you from the outside world of hustel and bustle and take you to a mountain paradise.

Conundrum Hot Springs – This is really tough hike. The good news is you find the hot springs at the end of hike. It is undeveloped and free. Enjoy it the same way the mountain men did when they found it.

Other Options

Glacier Gorge – Wildflowers, waterfalls, alpine lakes and fishing too makes this a great hike. It is located in Rocky Mountain National Park and worth every step.

Blue Lake – This is a relatively short hike that in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. It is a total of 5 miles with an elevation climb of 1,000 feet. It makes a great day hike.

Arapaho Pass Trail to Lake Dorothy – This trail is very popular because of the wildflowers as well. The meadows are wet and filled with flowers. It is a little over six miles if you go to the top. Many people choose to just enjoy the lower half and avoid the rocky terrain.

Garden of the Gods – The Garden of the Gods has lots of trails and hiking. Some of them are crowded, there are some places for solitude. The shards of sandstone that seem to grow like giant trees are simply amazing. It is also a great place to watch some rock climbers show off their skills.

On the subject of hiking in Colorado, the bottom line is there are so many options, it is hard to touch on just a few. Hopefully, these choices will give you the inspiration to get strong and take a hiking vacation.