Dining Downtown Denver

Denver offers a mecca of dining experiences! The restaurants in downtown Denver provide some of the finest dining that you will find in the west. American, Italian, steaks, seafood, and Chinese are just some of the tastes that will whet your taste buds. With so little time and only so many meals, once you opt for a dining experience downton Denver you will be planning your return visit.

If classic American food is your choice-Ted’s Montana Grill located in different locations around the Denver area can provide you with a comfortable dining experience. The food is fresh! The naturally raised bison and beef are ground twice daily in the butcher shop and therefore a fresh meal. The croutons are made daily, as well as the salad dressing. Once your order is placed, the food is prepared. Freshness and naturalness are what make Ted’s Montana Grill what it is today. An authentic Montana experience is guaranteed. You will take yourself back in time and reflect upon when people really lived in the outdoors.

Gumbo’s, located at 1530 16th Street in Denver provides diners with an awesome selection of cajun and creole. In fact, Gumbo’s offers some of the finest Louisiana Style cuisine that you will find downtown Denver. Gumbo’s offers lunch, dinner, and dessert menus, along with good old southern hospitality. Gumbo’s is known for the unique tastes of the sweet potato catfish that is served on a daily basis. If shrimp is your thing, shrimp can be ordered grilled, fried, and pan-sauteed. While dining at Gumbo’s you will feel as though you have ventured to the Louisiana coast as the sights, sounds, and aromas will take you to the coast.

Maybe you are craving an authentic dining experience while visiting downtown Denver. Little India Restaurant located at 1533 Champa Street can provide you with an exquisite meal. The warm, intimate setting will put you at ease while you dine here. Locals consider the buffet at Little India Restaurant to be one of the best in the city, and priced around $10.00, you cannot beat that! Indian food is bursting with flavor and will wake your taste buds. If you are feeling adventurous in trying something new, ask one of the helpful staff to help you with the menu. The servers in this cozy Indian restaurant will provide you with awesome service.

Downtown Denver is fortunate to have Kevin Taylor, Colorado native back home in Denver. His restaurant, Kevin Taylor, opened in 1998, and has won numerous national and international awards. With a dining area boasting 18 foot ceilings, chandeliers that dazzle, and class that you will not find anywhere else in Denver. The ambiance of Kevin Taylor’s restaurant will enlighten everyone once they experience the sophisticated atmosphere and award winning dishes while dining here. So, if you have some extra cash to spend while visiting the downtown area of the Mile High City, you may want to splurge at Kevin Taylor’s restaurant. Depending on the season, the menu varies, as all foods are prepared fresh.

These restaurants are just a small sampling of what Denver has to offer for dining in the downtown area. Denver prides itself on the fact that there is a restaurant for everyone! Depending on the type of dining experience you are hoping for, Denver has the ultimate meal waiting for you. Downtown Denver offers great food and entertainment all 365 days of the year. Should you find an aroma that interests you, head on in, you will be glad you did!