Denver and why it is the “Mile-High City”

Lots of large U.S. cities acquire a nickname that might be recognized around the world. When you say, “The big apple,” only one place comes to mind, and that is New York City. But when you say, “Mile-High City,” many people recognize the term and know you are referring to Denver, Colorado. Denver is nicknamed the Mile-High City because its elevation is exactly 5,280 ft above sea level, i.e., literally a mile high.

Denver, Colorado is one of the largest cities in the west, second in size only to Phoenix, Arizona. It is located just east of the foothills below the Rocky Mountains, and has easy access from anywhere in the country or beyond, via the Denver International airport, which is the nation’s largest airport.

One of the Mile-High City’s claims to fame is the fact that it has the nation’s largest park system. There are 200 recreational parks within the city limits and 2000+ acres of parks in the Rocky Mountains to the west of Denver.

Residents of the fair city of Denver enjoy 300+ days of bright sunshine per year, which also makes the Mile-High City an ideal vacation destination. The wide variety of activities and attractions offered in Denver makes the Mile-High City a year round playground for tourists and travelers who enjoy the active life. With the Rocky Mountains a mere ten minutes away, and in plain view of the city, a vacation to Denver provides an opportunity for some of the best skiing, hiking, camping and mountain climbing experiences available.

Downtown Denver, a thriving metropolis, also contains a plethora of cultural venues and a lively night life, for upscale dining facilities, nightclubs, theaters and entertainment venues abound.

For sports enthusiasts, the Mile-High City is made to order; it is a major sports capital with all four major league sports represented; NHL Colorado Avalanche, NBA Denver Nuggets, NFL Denver Broncos and MLB Colorado Rockies. Two professional soccer teams also call Denver their home base.

Being a mile above sea level, the city of Denver is low in humidity and high in activity. Despite its state of the art transportation system, it is not unusual to see residents of Denver and the surrounding suburbs jogging and bicycling everywhere. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle might consider the Mile-High City a Mecca for physical fitness.

Those who are proud to call Denver, Colorado home are also proud to hear their fair city affectionately referred to around the globe as the Mile-High City.