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Fall food festivals are plentiful in West Virginia

The fall season is famous for hosting food festivals in West Virginia. These events are usually held in the small towns. Featured festivals include the Buckwheat, Taste of our Towns, Potato Festival, Golden Delicious Festival, and the Pumpkin Festival. Among other things, food is a main attraction at the Buckwheat Festival, held in Kingwood. Lasting

Availablility of family apartments in Morgantown

Morgantown, West Virginia offers residents a place for all types: the city is a mix of small town atmosphere with most of the amenities of a larger metropolitan area.  Well known employers like West Virginia University, Ruby Memorial Hospital, Mon General Hospital, and Mylan Pharmaceuticals are just some of the companies around that provide steady jobs.  However,

History of the World’s Largest Teapot

Out of townees decelerate nearly to a stop when they see it; some screeching to a halt in front of it. As one travels on US route 30, also known as State Route 2, into the small town of Chester, West Virginia, one cannot pass it by. Well, some drivers do, so they turn right