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A guide to the best places to eat in Georgetown, DC

Georgetown is a trendy place to live and to dine. There are many options to satisfy almost any palate. The Washingtonian has named the 100 Best Restaurants in Washington DC and environs. Below are just of few of the options, some of which they have also listed. Citronelle For seventeen years French Chef Michel Richard

Many Celebrations take Place in the us Capital on July 4

July in Washington is typically sizzling, and not just for the seasonally warm temperatures. Every year tourists, and locals alike, flock to the nation’s capital city to see the sights and experience all there is to offer in this historic city. In the summertime, many people head to Washington D.C. to take part in the

Living in Washington DC

I’ve been living in Washington DC for more than ten years. It is truly a stimulating city in a league of its own. It has so much to offer beyond great restaurants and quaint neighborhoods. It is where laws are made and world leaders convene, the center of national politics and policy. But also, DC

History of Dupont Circle

Located in the center of the “Old City” in Washington, D.C., DuPont Circle is a popular place to hang out and enjoy your surroundings. It is the home of the annual High Heel Race since 1985 and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) pride festival. DuPont Circle is located at the intersection of Massachusetts,

Adams Morgan

Located in Northwest Washington, D.C., Adams Morgan has a rich history of segregation and conflict. Adams Morgan is a neighborhood centered at the intersection of 18th Street NW and Columbia Road NW. It is considered the heart of Washington’s Latino community. Many bars are located in the area and the community holds major night life

A Guide to using Washington Dcs Metro

One of the least stressful ways to travel around Washington DC is by the Washington Metro. Used daily by three quarters of a million people, Metrorail is fast, safe, clean, and the most cost-efficient way to travel in the nation’s capital. Although commonly called Metrorail, the Washington Metro consists of two interlinked parts: the Metrorail

District of Columbia Recession Proof Capitol City

Living in the District of Columbia is different then any other place in America for three simple reasons. In a nutshell, the District of Columbia is not a state, it does not have sky scrapers and is an almost recession proof city. 1) The first reason is in the name “District of Columbia” or more

Adams Morgan

The Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, D.C. is an stunning blend of culture and history. The development of the Adams Morgan area offers a thumbnail sketch of the development of the United States post Revolutionary War. Even today, it possesses a thriving immigrant community showing the continual welcome that America offers to new arrivals. Adams

The best Places to go for a Jog in Washington DC

Even jogging is a power grab in Washington, DC. Movers-and-shakers huff and puff more than usual while they negotiate important deals. Stay-at-home moms wheeze as they schedule play dates while pushing uber-strollers full of indulged toddlers. The cougar brigade breathily discusses liposuction and how to stay 39 forever. Every once in a while you see

Washington DC Bars Washington DC Happy Hour Washington DC Restaurants and Bars

It’s twilight, dusk is fading fast toward night, and you are a tourist looking for some suds and fun. But you also want to have a good time. Nothing sleazy; no dives, or “hole-in-the-wall” type bars. You want to know where the best happy hours in town are to be found. Oh, and you also