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Beaches in Seattle

I have a beach for you that’s a historical monument in Seattle, and one of the best beaches in Washington. How cool is that. You’ve even seen it in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. It is called Alki Beach. This is the site of the landing of the first white settlers in Seattle in November of 1851.

Recycle Monitors Seattle

Looking to recycle a monitor in Seattle? The bylaws of Seattle, Washington no longer allow people to throw away old computer monitors in the trash. You have a variety of free options when looking to recycle a computer monitor. Donating monitors that are still in usable condition is a great option that is often free.

Best Places to Work in Seattle

The best companies to work for in the Seattle area are household names by most. The Northwest lifestyle creates a healthy work-life balance with all of these companies. Here are seven of the best to work for in Seattle. 1. Google Not only the best company to work for in Seattle, Google is the number

Sushi in Seattle

Sushi in Seattle From hot sake served in ice cold bamboo to fruity and sweet mango ice-cream there are many places to eat out in Seattle. Thanks to Seattle’s location as a seaport the sushi can be fresher then you are accustomed to. At the higher quality restaurants the sushi is purchased that morning before

A Guide to Seattle Neighborhoods

Seattle, Washington is perhaps one of the biggest cities on the West Coast of the United States, let alone the continent of North America. This is an extremely large and expansive city that is split up into three districts. Each of Seattle’s districts has their own sets of neighborhoods. The districts are split up into

Things to do around Seattle

When contemplating a day trip from Seattle, look no further than Whidbey Island. For a day of stunning scenery and quaint towns nestled in between the forests on the island, Whidbey Island is a great way to spend a day away from the hustle of Seattle. Whidbey Island’s history is rich with explorers, settlers and

The best Day Trips outside of Seattle

Day trips from Seattle are fun, and offer lots of diversity. Whether nature, history, architecture, or a trip abroad is your thing, you can get there within a day from Seattle. My top ten trips rated for value and quality of experience, ranked one to ten are: 1. The Victoria Clipper from Downtown Seattle. (All

Seattle Art Museum Wa

Seattle Art Museum The Seattle Art Museum, SAM, is not a stop in at a gallery but a multiple day experience since the museum operates multiple locations. The museum attracts traveling exhibits and maintains a large personal collection. Locations The SAM downtown is the main museum but even it would take more than one-day to

Seattle Farmers Markets

Choosing the best farmer’s markets in Seattle is like choosing the best neighborhoods. They all have unique character and a lot to offer. At these seasonal, neighborhood markets you can find fresh, locally and organically grown and produced food from farmer’s and producers throughout the State of Washington. Farmer’s markets are a fun and interesting

Laid Back Seattle

As a newcomer, the first thing you need to know about Seattle is it’s native American History. It’s one of the few places in the country where the west was won nearly without firing a shot. The native people here were peaceful and welcomed foreigners with open arms and in turn the local pioneers who