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Guide to Manchester England

It was the renaissance of Manchester that inspired Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle and many other towns and cities across the nation. Manchester can claim, rightly, to be at the heart of the Industrial revolution and is a city with as impressive a history as any other outside London. Centre of the cotton trade for over

an overview of the climate in Manchester UK

It’s one of those great British canards that it always rains in Manchester’. This truth’ is spread by Southerners who have never been here and Mancunians (as denizens of Manchester are known) who quite like having a reputation for something other than the greatest football (soccer) team in the world. If there is an accepted

Guide to Manchester England

Manchester has been reborn over the last fifteen years and, phoenix-like, literally risen from the ashes. Strange as it may sound, in part it has the IRA and the Irish Troubles to thank for its rebirth. In 1996, the IRA planted a very large bomb in Manchester city centre which caused a huge amount of damage

Tips for Finding Apartments in Manchester UK

City Centre living is a popular trend. Whereas it used to be all about young, single people, more and more couples and families are now residing in Manchester. Like most UK cities, apartment blocks are being constructed constantly and almost every week you will see or hear of a new development. Firstly, you need to

Manchester Music Scene

Manchester, in northern England, is one of those cities that has historically oozed musical ability from its viens. In fact there have been so many successful bands from Manchester that I can write this piece without resorting to naming those that are not know internationally. The problem is, where do I start? It probably isn’t

How to Enjoy the Holidays in Manchester UK

If you’re going to spend time in Central Manchester, it’s worth remembering that Manchester is built on a grid system and that the buildings are very tall and pretty much totally perpendicular. Also, the whole city is in the valley basin. All these factors mean that when there is a wet day, (and lets face

Vegetarian Restaurants in Manchester UK

British vegetarians are very lucky to live in one of the most veggie-friendly countries in Europe. Travel to the continent and supermarkets are much less likely to stock quorn or meat free products. Eating out can be a tricky business, or a boring one. However, British cities are full of vegetarian and vegan friendly places

Pizzerias Italian Restaurants in Manchester UK

Well take my word I’ve eaten great pizzas and I’ve eaten extremely bad pizzas: fortunately for me, I now live i Italy; but even here when you’d think everything would be excellent there are some pizzas which are very good and other which are simply fantastic (and one or two bad ones even….). Having lived

The Climate of Manchester UK

I have been to Manchester on three occasions myself, and have Australian friends who have lived in the city for a year, and every time I go to visit them, or speak with them on the phone, it’s raining there. I once asked a local man at a bar if this was always the case.

Guide to Manchester England

Manchester the “Capital of the North” When travelers think of England they think London, London may have the palace and the “royals” but Manchester epitomizes the “working man” it is the land of “Coronation street” and somewhat sets him at least historically speaking on a pedestal with its numerous historic memorials to his labors. Manchester