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Best Restaurants in Houston

Being the 4th largest city in the United States, Houston has many great restaurants to boast about. From contemporary steakhouses to burgers and International cuisine, there’s no shortage of great places to eat in Houston.  One of the very best restaurants in the city is Goode Co.Texas Bar-b-Que. Located in the West University sector of Houston,

Volunteering in Austin Tx

January is Poverty Awareness Month in Austin, Texas. Poverty has many faces and if you would like to help someone in need in Austin,  there are many organizations who would be delighted to  take advantage of your generosity. It doesn’t matter if you have one hour to donate or many hours, there are a variety

Houston Festivals Summer Activities Theaters Events Wine Vacation Travel

Because of the weather in Houston, Texas, summer is filled with both outdoor and indoor fun for all. There is plenty to do during the summer months including theaters, museums, festivals, water activities, and outdoor fun. TheaterHouston has a large theater district. Though many of the companies take the summer off, several theaters offer summer

Houston Entertainment Schlitterbahn Outdoors Museums Festivals Renaissance

Houston, Texas during the fall months, when the weather is cooling, is an outdoor playground for adults and children alike. This is not to say that there is not plenty to do indoors, but because the weather is mild during these months, guests to the city will find a wide range of activities and entertainment

Student Job Opportunities in Houston Tx

By virtue of the size of Houston, Texas, there are so many businesses and job types to choose from for students looking to make some extra money. Even though the economy has taken its toll recently on the student job market, there are still plenty of jobs to be found for the young job seeker.

Supermarket in Houston Tx Grocery Shopping in Houston Tx Heb Randalls Fiesta Kroger whole Food

A guide to grocery stores in Houston TX Houston is home to many different ethnic communities, and our grocery stores reflect this diversity. Grocery stores in Houston tend to be large well designed stores with a staggering array of products, Most of the grocery stores are of the chain variety with other grocery stores catering

A Relocation Guide for Relocating to Houston

Picture this: the boss just walked into your office and told you, “Your transfer to the Houston office is a done deal. Better get packing!” Uh-oh: while you’ve been to the Bayou City many a time for business and a convention or two, living there is a lot different. What to do, what to do!

Galleria Mall Review Houston Texas

The Galleria Mall is the official 7th largest Mall in America. Located in the “up-town” part of Houston, named “The Galleria District” this mall stands proud covering nearly 3 million square feet of space (this includes the 2 tower blocks and all of the office blocks located on the land) The mall itself is laid

A Guide to Shopping in Houston Tx

If you live in Houston, Texas you are lucky enough to live in one of the nation’s best shopping locations. While it may not be Beverly Hills, you can find many of the best retail items at much lower prices. Katy Mills Katy Mills is an outlet mall on Interstate 10 heading out of Houston

Houston Texas Wine Bars best Wine Bars Wining and Dining

Living in or even visiting Houston, offers wine lovers many excellent opportunities to visit wine bars in the area, some of which rival any other place I have lived or visited. From elegant luxury and fine dining to the weird and wonderful pet friendly wine bars, the best of Houston wine bars offers more than