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Discovery Green an Attraction for everyone in Houston

Like most big cities, Houston is blessed with innumerable parks spread across its urban landscape. The latest addition is ‘Discovery Green” located in downtown Houston opposite the George R. Brown Convention Center. This 12 acre park opened on April 13, 2008 with much pomp and fanfare given its prime location and its myraid offerings. It

Restaurant Reviews Cyclone Anayas Mexican Kitchen Houston Tx

As an award winning Hospitality and Restaurant Expert, I can assure you that I have seen my share of good service, great service, and just downright lousy service. Yet, never have I seen such a poor regard for the customer’s satisfaction as I incurred early this past Sunday afternoon. On a typical Sunday I enjoy

NASA Johnson Space Center

Kids and adults all love NASA Johnson Space Center. Visitors to Houston, Texas will find their interest in the NASA space program answered with up to the date information, great exhibits, a good variety of simulators, plenty of time to connect with people who work or worked with the space program, and fun activities. This

What to do in Houston during Fall Season

Houston is a place to enjoy, relax and explore a multicultural environment with a touch of its own originality. It’s the heart of liquid gold what we call “gas”. A number of oil companies have their existence here which attracted a group of culturally different people across the world to make it a truly cosmopolitan

Johnson Space Center Saturn v Rocket

The Johnson Space Center stands today as the epicenter of all United States space flight and exploratory activity, and has been ever since the Gemini program of the early sixties. Located in Houston Texas, the space center is the home of mission control, and directs all space shuttle and International Space Station activities. It is

Restaurant Reviews Irmas Restaurant Houston Tx

Walking into Irma’s Restaurant…is like walking into a garage sale. The shelves are completely filled with dusty knickknacks…old dolls…funky lamps and statues…packed so tight…it seems impossible to add another item. The walls are not much different. Beer signs…bumper stickers…old newspaper articles…pictures and expired license plates are tacked one over the other. There are even items

Things to do in Houston with Children

Houston, the nation’s 4th largest city, has many options for families to choose from. Whether you are planning to play for a day, or play for a week, you won’t run out of places to take your children in Houston. Houston’s museums rank as some of the most visited in the country. In the Herman

Motorized Transportation in Houston Tx

Houston is one of the United States’ largest cities responsible for a great part of the country’s income. Motorized transportation is very important for the continued economic growth of any city. The forms of transport available in Houston can be grouped into: automobiles, The Metropolitan Transit Authority’s buses,lift vans, and light rail and air transport.Automobiles

Things to do in Houston

I’m a proud Houstonian, born and raised in the biggest city in the Lone Star State. Summer has always been a magical time for Texans, as we try to beat the heat and find entertainment for kids and adults alike. We have our fair share of touristy things to do, but the best kept Houston

Houston Real Estate Bargains

Houston, Texas and in particular Harris County, is a good place to pick up cheap real estate. Currently, single-family residences are running between 30 and 40 percent under what their normal retail value should be. The retail housing market is good for buyers right now, but still very risky since nobody knows how far it