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Good Eats in Providence

When you are in the Downcity section of Providence and are looking for a good place to eat, here are two restaurants that offer variety and an excellent dining experience. Bravo Brasserie 123 Empire Street Located right across the street from the Trinity Repertory Theater this restaurant couldn’t have a better location. Make sure that

Providence Athenaeum Rhode Island

The Providence Athenaeum has a long history in Rhode Island, having been founded in 1753 as an independent library supported by member and community donations. It has played a major role in defining the characteristics of life in Rhode Island, and is a community in and of itself. The mission of the Athenaeum is to

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For a small state most commonly known for it’s many miles of coastline, Rhode island is quite the place for entertainment. Depending on your age, preference and lifestyle, there is something for all. Loads of night clubs, a large community of performing artists, large malls,and restaurants are unite a diverse population with varying likes and

A Locals Guide Rhode Island

If you are coming to Rho- Di-land, any time soon, you are in for a treat. Most locals only go to Providence if they really have to, because the twenty -minute drive, from the beach communities is too far to go, for most people. If you find yourself in Providence, you will want to check

A Guide to the Providence Athenaeum in Providence Rhode Island

The Providence Athenaeum actually began as the Providence Library Company and was founded in 1753, and from its founding, the goal was quite clear: the creation of an independent library that was supported by its members. The Athenaeum as it exists now was opened in 1838. The earlier Providence Library Company had grown so significantly

Great Indian Cuisine in Providence

Cuisine of India – some bay leaves, a cinnamon stick and finely chopped onions simmer, releasing their aromas.  In go some freshly sliced ginger, a selection of spices from far away corners of the world, shrimp marinated in salt and turmeric and coconut milk.  Voila, Bengali Shrimp Curry.  Exotic aromas waft from the stove.  Aroma

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The state of Rhode Island is a great place for New England sports fans to see great live sports action. In this economy, it’s sometimes difficult to take the whole family into Boston to see a Boston Bruins hockey game or Boston Red Sox baseball game. Ticket prices are so high, parking costs a fortune,

The best Neighborhoods to Live in the East Side of Providence Ri

The East side of Providence, Rhode Island consists of six neighborhoods. Blackstone, Fox Point, Wayland, Summit, Mt. Hope, and College Hill are all well known places in Providence. If you are looking for affordability, then Summit has more property in the lower price range. College Hill is on the other scale, with homes being more

The best Neighborhoods to Live in on the East Side of Providence Ri

The state of Rhode Island is steeped in a rich history that is a wonderful testament to the amazing freedoms, and in particular religious freedoms for which this country is known. Providence was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, and it was founded in the area around College Hill. The east side of Providence is

The best Pizzerias in Providence Ri

If there’s one thing the citizens of Providence know – it’s pizza! We have quite a bit of Italian pride in the state of Rhode Island, especially in the ‘Federal Hill’ district. Many friendships have ended from arguments over which restaurant has the best pizza in the city. Only a trip to Rhode Island, and