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The Steel City how Pittsburgh got its Nickname

It is only natural that Pittsburgh should be nicknamed the “Steel City” and be located in the center of the manufacturing “Rust Belt.” After all, the history of Pittsburgh is also the history of steel production in the United States. For as long as Pittsburgh has existed, it has been dominated by its manufacturing industry.

Children Activities in Pittsburgh

Traveling to Pittsburgh is considered a “must do and must see” for children and families on the road, families who have decided that traveling is one of the top bonding activities to bring families together. With that in mind, activities for kids in Pittsburgh are not only enjoyable but educational for the entire family with

Outdoor Recreation around Pittsburgh

As more and more people use recreation as their main activity for fun and relaxation, using a guide to outdoor recreation in Pittsburgh makes the entire trip a whole lot easier. And the term outdoor recreation covers “a whole lot of things” so the first thing to do would be to narrow that down a

The Steel City how Pittsburgh got its Nickname

Town, city, and state nicknames are typically derived from a predominant characteristic of the area in question. In Pittsburgh’s case, the steel industry was very prevalent during the late 19th and 20th centuries, hence the nickname “The Steel City.” In addition to “The Steel City,” Pittsburgh is also known as “The City of Bridges” due

A Museum Guide to Pittsburgh

From dazzling diamonds to dinosaur fossils, there is something for everyone in Pittsburgh’s four Carnegie Museums. The Carnegie Museums are home to thousands of priceless objects and artifacts, from some of the world’s greatest paintings to breathtaking exhibits of dinosaurs. A trip to any of the four Cargenie Museums is a fun and educational experience

The Steel City how Pittsburgh got its Nickname

My mother grew up in Pittsburgh. I remember hearing many tales from her life there in the early 1900’s. One story I heard many times, was of her father leaving for work each morning wearing a clean, white shirt only to return home in the evening with the shirt gray from coal dust. She told

Pittsburgh Sports Teams

Professional sports teams have a long history of calling Pittsburgh home. Through the years Pittsburgh fans have remained loyal, dedicated and proud. Pittsburgh sports memorabilia is among the hottest sports commodities today.  Pittsburgh fans cheer for three major league sports teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball, the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and

Pittsburgh Parks

Pittsburgh may be known for its steel mills and bridges, but this city cares about its green public spaces too. The Pittsburgh Parks Concervancy manages several parks in the Steel City, including the four major parks called Frick Park, Highland Park, Riverview Park, and Schenley Park. Frick Park The largest of Pittsburgh’s parks, Frick Park

A Museum Guide to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania does not fall short in number when it comes to visitor attractions. Museums are no exception. There are currently more than 25 museums in and around the city, including art, glass, aircraft, and even a children’s museum. The Carnegie Museum of Art is located in the Oakland district of the city. According to

Pittsburgh Colleges and Universities

Princeton. Boston. New Haven. Pittsburgh? For those who don’t know, the Steel City is a hub of higher education, offering some of the most prestigious programs in the country in areas like technology, robotics, biosciences, medicine and engineering, to name a few. Carnegie-Mellon University Certainly the most renowned of all Pittsburgh institutions of learning is