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Philadelphia Professional Sports Teams

Philadelphia is one of the world’s great sport cities, one of the few that can boast professional teams in all four major sports: baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey. Philadelphians love their teams; all four make their home in South Philadelphia, where an ever-improving sports complex has developed, devoted almost entirely to them. On game

Guide to Pittsburgh Sports Teams

Pittsburgh has historically been a blue-collar town, home to thousands of hard-working individuals who spent their lives working in factories, mines, and steel mills. This blue-collar work ethic can easily been seen in all of the city’s professional sports teams. This unique flavor sets Pittsburgh apart from most other American cities, resulting in a sporting

A Guide to Pittsburghs Walking Trails

Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are replete with walking and hiking trails for all levels of experience. Within the city there are five parks that each have their own charm, beauty, and trails. Available through the city counsel is a map of the suggested walking loops to explore the history and beauty of Pittsburgh. Just

Winter Recreation Spots in Pittsburgh

Winter in Pittsburgh, PA can look like a fairytale and feel like a deep-freeze. Sparkling white snow, glittering icicles, and bright sunshine can lend to the perfect setting for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or sledding for hardy winter-lovers. There is an abundance of outdoor sport facilities in and around Pittsburgh for your chilling, thrilling pleasure.

A Guide to Pittsburghs Cultural District

Nestled in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh lies the Cultural District, a 14-square block area containing some of the finest theatres, shops, restaurants and parks in the region. In addition to its five theatres and eight public parks, the District boasts 88 retail shops and 47 restaurants. At the heart of the Cultural District is


Many visitors to Pittsburgh are surprised to find a city reinvented.  Today Pittsburgh is a modern day cultural arts Mecca and home to a huge banking industry. Residents take pride in their beautiful city, relishing the outdoors, and they take pride in each other by celebrating their differences. Many visitors are forced to ask themselves,

Dining in Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburgh is a Mecca of eating establishments.  A diner can find any type of cuisine to satisfy his pallette within the city limits.   Family friendly restaurants are extremely popular in Pittsburgh due to the increasing amount of families who call Pittsburgh home. However; Pittsburgh is also a college town and has its

A Museum Guide to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city rich in history and steeped in culture. It was once a booming steel town employing thousands of union workers in a time when the union was not very popular. Between the industry, labor, unions, and the mob a highly eclectic group of people inhabited Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has a lot to share

Pittsburgh Professional Sports Teams

From its earliest years, Pittsburgh has always been a city that has embraced its professional sports teams. Whether that team is baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, football’s Pittsburgh Steelers, or hockey’s Pittsburgh Penguins, fans from all walks of life come out in droves to support their teams. All three of these franchises have seen their fair share

A Guide to Pittsburghs Ethnic Festivals

There are few cities in America that can boast of having such ethnic diversity as Pittsburgh. Thanks to a history of mining, ironworking, and manufacturing, Pittsburgh is a city built by the sweat and labor of immigrants who settled here from all corners of the globe. This cultural diversity is reflected in the dozens of