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Residents Guide to Bly Oregon

Bly, Oregon, is a great little town located on Highway 140, between Klamath Falls and Lakeview. The town is laid back and it is surrounded by farmland and trees. The timber industry has been of importance here. The nearest large town is Klamath Falls, about 45 miles to the west. However, Bly has country-style stores

How to Fish Union Creek in Oregon

Union Creek flows through a forest of massive trees and volcanic rock. There are numerous wildflowers and bushes as well, making it a place of beauty. Located near the west boundary of Crater Lake National Park, the cold and fast-flowing stream also offers great opportunities to catch fish. Single day licenses are even available. Fish

Must see Attractions in Salem Oregon

Salem is the capital of Oregon as well as Marion County seat and boasts a population of over 154,00 making it the third largest city in the state. Founded on the Willamette River in 1841 by Methodist missionary Jason Lee, Salem was named after the Biblical word for peace and intended as a Native American

The History of Bend Oregon

Situated in at the edge of the eastern foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains the growing city of Bend can be found. Covering an area of around thirty square miles and sitting at an altitude of 3625 feet Bend is noted for its beautiful location and the availability of activities all year round. Originally a logging

Trees of Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park is a place of beauty, and it usually has a lasting affect on the people who have visited or had the privilege of living there. While the lake is gorgeous and is what the park was named for, even that beauty is highlighted by the presence of the numerous trees growing

Activities for Children at Crater Lake National Park

Featuring as its central attraction America’s, if not the world’s, deepest freshwater lake, Crater Lake National Park provides an ideal place to visit for all generations and this includes children. Although the stunning beauty of this park, which during the year is subjected to a snowfall in excess of 530 inches (44 feet), is centred

Overview of the Willamette Valley Oregon

The Willamette Valley is an inland corridor that extends along the length of the Willamette River over approximately a 200 mile distance from the lakes and tributaries that feed it in the Cascade Mountain range outside of Eugene, Oregon to its convergence at the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. Cradled between the coastal mountains of

Small Town Guide Adel Oregon

Adel is a small community that is located in the state of Oregon in Lake County in the United States. This small community includes a few scattered ranches, a cafe, and a gas station. It is located in a very remote part of Oregon. Adel, Oregon was first settled by Irish Catholics. When these new settlers

Attractions in Ashland Oregon

Ashland, Oregon is located in the southwest section of the state of Oregon. It is one of the largest cities of the state and it borders California. It is a college town with Southern Oregon University. The biggest and most influential attraction of Ashland, Oregon is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It is a festival that

National Parks what the Pumice Desert at Crater Lake is

The sixth oldest park in the United States can be found in southern Oregon. This park is Crater Lake National Park, established in 1902, home to the deepest lake in the United States. Crater Lake was formed when an ancient volcano erupted; the lake lies in the remains of the volcano’s caldera. The volcano erupted