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A Fascinating look at the History of a once Great Company

Ponca City is a northern Oklahoma community of 25,000 near the Kansas border. Few outside of Oklahoma may have heard of the plains town but Ponca City served as corporate headquarters for one of the world’s largest petroleum companies. The presence of Conoco Oil dominated Ponca City for over 70 years. This was an oil

Activities to do in Okc during Winter

Winter in Oklahoma? Yes, even Oklahoma experiences different degrees of winter weather during December, January, and February. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy getting out and experience different activities during those winter months. Take Oklahoma City for instance, this city has many attractions you can enjoy as long as you’re bundled up and have a

Lees Sandwiches Oklahoma City

When you think about sandwiches you probably get a mental picture of the plain jane meat, lettuce, cheese, and bread concoction that we all took to school in our lunchboxes.  However, this would simply not be the case if you were to visit Lee’s Sandwiches in Oklahoma City.  Of course there are some of the

Things to do in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has so much to offer during the summer, you just need to know where to look. Most of the events and places are organized with entire family in mind. Whether you live locally in Oklahoma City or simply passing through, this town has much to offer in the way of recreation and education.

A Guide to Surrounding Towns in Oklahoma City ok

Oklahoma City rests in the center of the Sooner State making it an ideal location as state capital. The OKC metropolitan area of over 1,250,000 accounts for about a third of the state’s population while Oklahoma City’s 580,000 ranks as America’s 31st largest city. Founded in the land rush of 1889, Oklahoma City’s growth was

Oklahoma City Homes

The city of Oklahoma is an ideal retreat for people who want a bit of peace and quiet. This is precisely the reason for the retired to seek out Oklahoma City homes where they hope to spend the remaining years of their lives.  The best fact about Oklahoma City, OK homes for sale is the

Oklahoma Railway Museum Nrhs

Take a step back 100 years into the past and discover what it was like to travel from 1825 into as late as the 1970’s. The Oklahoma Railway Museum restores and displays an eclectic collection of railway “keepsakes” from steam to diesel electric engines. Some railway museums allow you to “view” the cars, but the Oklahoma

Things to do in Oklahoma City Oklahoma during the Spring

Springtime happenings abound in Oklahoma City, the capitol of the Sooner State. There is something for everyone from arts festivals to outdoor activities to sporting events. Families will experience little problem planning fun outings that can also be educational. Oklahoma City is a major city boasting the usual array of cultural events and museums and

Christmas Light Events 2009 Events Family Fun Inexpensive Holoday Cheer

Christmas Light Tours in The Oklahoma City Metro and Surrounding Areas 2009 Oklahoma City and surrounding areas have some of the best Christmas lightshows I have seen. The kids and I always make sure to make our rounds to see them all, regardless of how far we have to travel. We try every year to

Things for Teens to do during Summer Break in Oklahoma City ok

May is here and for many parents, they’ve gone on alert mode. Soon school bells will be tolling, signaling parents their kids and teenagers are out for summer vacation. While younger kids are easily entertained with sleepovers, movies and crafts, teenagers can be somewhat harder to please. If you’re a parent of a teen living