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Guide to Local Transportation in new York City

New York’s transportation system is difficult to fathom, let alone navigate. Roughly 40 million tourists visit New York City each year, while some 3.7 million New Yorkers are employed in the city each day. No American city can compare to the level of potential congestion this number can generate. The city’s highways are over-matched and

A Visitors Guide to new York Citys Oddball Laws

To this day New York remains one of the all time best cities to visit with a seemingly unlimited array of cozy neighborhood hot spots, museums, theater, as well as bars and clubs to entertain you well into the evening hours. Synonymous with art and culture, nightlife and fun, the unknowing tourist may see this

Driving and Parking in new York City

An article as brief as this does not allow for an exhaustive treatise on the perils of New York City driving and parking, but rest assured driving in the five boroughs requires watchful eyes, sharp reflexes and an abundance of patience. And the parking situation is not only erratic but murderously expensive. In Manhattan, for

A Visitors Guide to new York Citys Oddball Laws

Since you are reading this article, you must be planning a wonderful trip to the fantastic and exciting state of New York. This particular article will enable you to have a safe and fun trip that will not cost you time and money if you take heed of these laws. Men, if you are planning

Restaurant Recommendations new York City Ny

The best restaurant in New York City to have excellent drinks and superb food is Dallas BBQ’s. There are a few locations, but the ideal on is on 42nd street between 7th and 8th avenue. This location is prime due to it being in the heart of time square. You not only experience good dining,

Legacy Cyclone Roller Coaster Coney Island

The are very few roller coasters that have achieved legendary status like the Cyclone at Coney Island. In the early 1920s the world began it’s love affair with roller coasters on Coney Island with the Tornado and the Thunderbolt, but it wasn’t until June 27, 1926 that New Yorkers got a taste of something really

The best Italian Restaurants in new York City new York

New York City has some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. But like everything else in NY, there’s a huge variety of amazing Italian restaurants to choose from. There’s everything from upscale, fine dining, to no-frills pizza parlors. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it somewhere in New York! If upscale dining is what

Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in new York City

With over fifty purely vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan alone, New York City is a great place to be a vegetarian. Combine this with cuisines such as Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian which typically have vegetarian dishes, and it is difficult to be more than a couple of blocks from a place which serves vegetarian food.

A Baby Boomers Guide to Visiting new York City

I was in my teens when I visited New York City for the first time. That was too many decades ago to mention but despite the passing of time and my energy, I still love Manhattan. I have discovered through the years that regardless of the reputation of large crowds and noisy streets, the rich

Guide to Local Transportation in new York City

When in NYC, you can get around by bus, subway, cab, or ferry; every mode of transportation looks quite complicated until you get accustomed to it. Here are some general guidelines that will help you to travel freely in the Big Apple. There are three major airports in NYC: John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Newark