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My Experiences in new York City Ny

New York City has something of interest for anyone at any age or season. If you don’t have a destination, why not pick up a copy of the New Yorker and explore the many cultural happenings to see which is most appealing to you or your traveling companion. Once I visited the Big Apple during

Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in new York City

Here are my five nominations for the best vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan. If I included all of New York City, I wouldn’t be able to get through them for days and months. Incidentally, all of those I named are very clean, reasonable and offer delicious food. B & H Vegetarian is not strictly vegetarian, but

Guide to Local Transportation in new York City

Thousands of tourists descend on New York City daily. With scads of tourists and an even larger number of New Yorkers on the move, the complex transportation infrastructures and airports are vital services. Airports Many visitors to New York City arrive by air from cities worldwide. Kennedy Airport, the largest airport in New York, handles

Most Fun Restaurants in new York

I travel two or three times a year to New York because I just love this city. I love everything about this city but choosing a restaurant can be a difficult endeavor. There are a lot of tourist traps and from fun you can go to despair when you receive your plate…and the check! It

Fusha Nyc

There are so many sushi restaurants in Manhattan’s Upper West Side that it borders on ridiculous. Fusha is just one of the many, but it distinguishes itself in many important, but not all positive ways. Located on the corner of 75th and Amsterdam, Fusha offers a not entirely unique, but most likely enjoyable dining experience.

A Baby Boomers Guide to Visiting new York City

Referred to as the fluttering proverbial butterfly, New York City’s visiting baby boomers are not the usual aging hipsters. Viewed as energetic and active participants of life, the activities and sights of New York City offer these tech-savvy individuals a break away from it all – a place to change gears from a world made

A Visitors Guide to new York Citys Oddball Laws

KEEPING THE BIG APPLE SWEET Time to go to the big city where outdated laws still exists. Are these laws still enforced? If they are you could be in a little trouble. Just ask the Staten Island residents about watering the lawn.the hose must be held by your hand and nothing else. Just ask New

Guide to Local Transportation in new York City

Have MetroCard in hand, will travel! In New York that is. Enjoy the freedom of choice at your pace. Manhattan is effortless to navigate on your own. If you want to get to a destination fast, nothing beats the subway. But on holiday, what better way to get to know the sites and people of

Driving and Parking in new York City

Realistically, driving in New York City can be a horrible experience. It is stressful, it is expensive, but it is doable. There are about half a million to three quarters of a million vehicles driving into Manhattan everyday. They tend to move fast, often at very close quarters, and generally leave no margins for error.

Driving and Parking in new York City

Driving and parking within Manhattan is an expensive way to get around. Use taxis, car services, buses and subways. Parking rules are complex, paid parking in mid-town starts at $8.50 for 30 minutes. Driving up and down town is usually slower than taking the subway, and traffic barely moves during rush hour. Masses of pedestrians,