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A Beginners Guide to Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is considered by many to be “the entertainment capital of the world” and with, at last count, 54 main shows, all running indefinitely, you can understand why. When you add lounge shows, little shows; some expensive, some not, groups and headliners, you will literally have hundreds of entertainment options. If you have heard

Fun Things to do in Las Vegas

What are some fun places to go in Las Vegas, Nevada?  Everyone knows there is so much to do and see on the strip, but there are other places to go off the strip that are just as fun and exciting!  What are some of the those places?  Let’s focus on some roller coasters in

Where to Eat in Las Vegas

The romance of Las Vegas lies in the glittering attraction of the nightlife as it features an array of spectacular shows, shopping, and even a number of wedding chapels where couples can exchange a forever promise and spend their honeymoon – all in one city. And for this reason, Valentine’s Day is often a popular

Vegas Activities beside Gambling

Answers to the age old question, “What to do in Vegas beyond gambling?” are usually met with the obvious.  Dancing, shopping, eating, relaxing at the spa, even Lake Mead and Red Rock can sound boring despite their natural beauty and awe when repeatedly suggested by tourism magazines and on-line articles.  Below are the Top 10 spots (broken

How to get Casino Comps

The casino industry gives away millions of dollars every year to it’s patrons.  Just like manufacturers have coupons for shopping, Las Vegas casinos also have their marketing methods to keep their patrons loyal.  And there are literally millions of dollars of perks that these casinos give away.  How does one take advantage of them? Whether

Restaurant Reviews Toby Keiths Bar and Grill Las Vegas Nv

This is my favorite bar and grill restaurant. It features excellent food, descent prices, and a fantastic atmosphere. During the day, they play country music and show music videos and at night they have a live country band. If you like Southern Style food and Country music, then this is definitely a place you should

Living in Las Vegas

Life in Las Vegas is pretty much like life anywhere else. . .on steroids. Entertainment galore is probably the biggest difference between living here and living in, say, Denver. Having the ability to go out to eat any time, day or night, is another distinction. Once you get settled in to your new home in

Romantic Places for Valentines Day Dinner in Las Vegas Nv

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to do something special for your partner.  Those of you who don’t want to stay in and are lucky enough to be in Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of Valentine’s Day are likely to be looking for some romantic restaurants to dine at.  Here are a few for

Reasons to Move to Las Vegas Nevada

Why would anyone want to make their home in Las Vegas, Nevada?  What is it about Las Vegas that has mystified the public since the gangster Bugsy Siegal built the Flamingo Hotel?  Is it really a good place to live?  These are some common questions that are constantly asked by people who are thinking of

Would you rather Gamble or see a Show in Las Vegas – Show

That bright place in the middle of the southern Nevada desert known as Sin City has another nickname that nearly rhymes with its actual designation: Lost Wages. Obviously, there is a reason. Vegas is without question the gambling capital of the world, and save for literally pulling wads of cash out of your wallet and