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Omaha Winter

Snow, ice, and cold are all a part of winter in Omaha, Nebraska whether you like it or not, it’s just part of the climate.  The question here isn’t if it’s going to snow, it’s when.  Surviving winter in a place like Omaha involves plenty of warm clothes, a snow shovel, a positive attitude, and

Places to Volunteer in Omaha Ne

Whether it is schools, shelters, food banks, or senior centers there are always opportunities to volunteer. Not only will others benefit from your time; you will too. But where do you go; where are those opportunities to volunteer in Nebraska? I’ve compiled a list of them in Omaha and the surrounding areas. Senior Centers are

Is Coco Key a Good Resort

A few weeks ago our family decided to do something a bit different for Spring Break. We had spoke to a couple that recently took a trip to a water resort called “CoCo Key.” They said that their children really enjoyed the resort and suggested that we try it out. I was a bit skeptical

Vegetarian Restaurants in Omaha Nebraska

Many people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle by steering clear of unhealthy restaurants and being mindful of their calorie intake. This can be very difficult because there are an abundant amount of restaurants that claim to have low-cal dishes or non-fat items but they aren’t always true to their word. However, there are

What are the best Malls in Omaha

The majority of women I know love to shop; some buy, some browse, and some just like to hang out. There is just something about a mall that almost brings a sense of serenity to the shopper and depending upon the mall there are great opportunities to shop, eat, and play. In Omaha there are

Memorial Day Events in Omaha Nebraska

On Monday May 31st, Americans across the U.S. and abroad will be honoring our fallen soldiers. Some have bar-b-ques while others go to gravesites. However there are many non-traditional ways to celebrate throughout the Memorial Day weekend which I’ve listed below. “The River City Star Riverboat” is located at 151 Freedom Park Road in Omaha

Where are the best Hotels in Downtown Omaha

Whether you’re traveling on vacation or business finding the right hotel in a great location is priority number 1. At the end of the day you just want to go to your room and relax. But with so many hotels in the Omaha area which one should you choose? To take the stress off the

A Guide to the best Museums in Omaha Nebraska

Omaha is located in Nebraska, USA and is the largest city in the state. It is situated on the Missouri River and has a long and rich history. The city was founded more than 150 years, around 1854 and had become established before the state of Nebraska came into existence in 1867. In its early

Where are Concerts in Omaha

Whether you’re a country, pop, alternative or another type of music fan, the upcoming concert season will get your feet tapping and your body moving. There are many different performers on tour right now and locals of Nebraska will be able to take advantage of their performances. The following is a list of bands that

Bemis Center Review

The Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska is a beacon of contemporary and modern art right in the middle of the prairies. The Bemis Center has consistently taken chances in showing edgier artwork, and the local audience has responded with enthusiasm. For this review, the focus will be on why the Bemis Center