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The best Family Restaurants in Jackson Mississippi

What if the kids’ idea of a dinner out is mac n’ cheese and yours is Eggplant Parmesan with garlic bread and a fine wine? In Jackson, Mississippi, it’s no problem as there are many great restaurants that serve both ends of the dining palate. Plus, there are lots of kids’ oriented restaurants that are

Neighborhood Guide Greater Bellhaven in Jackson MS

Greater Bellhaven is a neighborhood that is located in the city of Jackson in the state of Mississippi. This neighborhood is bordered on the east and west by Interstate 55. On the north and south, it is bordered by Woodrow Wilson and High Street. Self-guided walking and driving tours are available for the Greater Bellhaven

Volunteers Meals on Wheels American Cancer Socity Jackson MS

Jackson, MS, needs volunteers just as much as many other towns and cities throughout the US. On becoming a volunteer in Jackson, they say: It’s the greatest feeling in the world knowing you’re part of the solution.” Indeed, that has to be a good feeling. There are a total of 64 non-profit organizations in which

Antiques Leather Books Antique Shops

Whether you are an antique buff, or just love old stuff, there are no shortages of antique shops in Jackson, MS. Even if you just want to browse through these shops just to see what is in there, you will not be disappointed. If you are interested in just the history of certain pieces, these

The Shoppers Guide to the Mississippi Farmers Market in Jackson Mississippi

Enter into the Mississippi Farmers Market and your senses will be overwhelmed with the fragrances of a day in the country. Conveniently located at 959 High Street near the Fairgrounds in downtown Jackson, the large building has 18,000 square feet of vendor space and is weather-friendly with open sides for fresh air, but covering to


It can be difficult to find a restaurant that is suitable for children and also has good meal options for adults. Luckily, Jackson, Mississippi is home to several great family-friendly dining options. Here is a guide highlighting some of these restaurants to give you a selection of options to choose from. The first great restaurant

Jackson National Livestock Parade and Rodeo Show

It’s fun time, folks! Beginning in mid-January throughout mid-February, if you find yourself in Jackson, Mississippi, do not miss out on the Dixie National Livestock Show, Parade and Rodeo held in Jackson. There are many exciting events taking place each day of this month-long competition. Champion cowboys come from all over the world to compete

Neighborhood Guide Spenglers Corner Historic District in Jackson MS

Spengler’s Corner Historic District is located in the city of Jackson in the state of Mississippi. This neighborhood spans an area of 0.020 square miles and has a population of only four. The transportation system in this neighborhood is served by four streets. This neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in

Neighborhood Guide Farish Street in Jackson MS

Farish Street makes its home in Jackson, Mississippi. It is home to the Farish Street Heritage Festival. This is one of the state’s most exciting annual events. This festival celebrates the African-American culture and history. Thousands of people are drawn to this festival and they come from near and far. You can enjoy music filled

Neighborhood Guide West Capitol Street Historic District in Jackson MS

 West Capitol Street Historic District is located in the city of Jackson in the state of Mississippi. It spans an area of 0.023 square miles and has a population of 0. This area is served by roads and streets and one railroad which is the Illinois Central Railroad. Many hotels are located in and around