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Things to do in Minneapolis Mn during the Winter

Minneapolis, Minnesota and its sister city, St. Paul belong to one of the coldest metropolitan areas in the United States. Winters are frigid with temperatures often dipping below zero degrees Fahrenheit. But there are still plenty of things to do while the snow flies. St. Paul Winter Carnival: Every winter since 1886, the city of

A Guide to Public Transportation in Minneapolis Mn

Over a hundred bus routes and two train lines zigzag throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and their surrounding suburbs. If you’re new to the city, it can be confusing to know which bus route to take and how much to pay. These busses, along with two rail lines, are operated by Metro Transit.  Maps and schedules

A Guide to Grocery Stores in Minneapolis Mn

There are a wide variety of grocery stores within the Twin Cities. Some are geared toward the budget-conscious shopper while others go for the luxury consumer. Some specialize in foods from a particular region or country while others are mom-and-pop affairs that offer a more ‘American’ selection. Two grocery store chains dominate the Twin Cities.

Visiting St Paul Mn

If you’re planning a trip to St Paul, MN, you’ll be happy to know that this richly historic capital city has the best of everything whether your tastes tend toward the finer things in life, the great outdoors or exploration. Minnesota weather can get extreme. One thing that sets St Paul apart from other cities

St Paul Ganster Tour

St. Paul has tourist attractions in the downtown area and there are also beautiful historic districts. Gray Lines Tours has been taking tourists and residents through downtown St. Paul and to some of the city’s oldest, most exclusive neighborhoods; for more than 90 years. Fort Snelling, the Governors Mansion, State Capitol building, Landmark Center and

Visiting St Paul Minnesota

The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis are physically separated for several miles by the Mississippi River, as it wends its convoluted way between steep, wooded banks that effectively isolate this normally placid waterway from most of the bordering residential and industrial areas of each city. However, this is no longer true once you

Museum Reviews Mill City Museum Minneapolis Mn

One of the most significant reasons for Minneapolis-St.Paul’s economic growth into the large metropolis it is today is its proximity to St. Anthony Falls. This large waterfall on the Mississippi River provided the water power necessary to spur many industries. The most dominant of these industries was the flour industry. In 1876, there were over

Best Thrift Stores in Minneapolis Mn

Thrift stores are fantastic. Most people think of them as a way to save money by buying used items instead of new. But, unlike the chain stores that carry the same merchandise in malls across the country, the selection in each store often varies from month to month. You could find a book from 1972,

What Makes Minneapolis Mn a Great Place to Live

Minneapolis, Minnesota is often cited as one of the top cities in the US to live. So, what makes our city so great? There are many reasons: *Parks: Minneapolis has an amazing number of parks. Much of this is due to an expansion in the early 1900’s. At the time, Theodore Wirth was Superintendent of

Family Fun in Minneapolis Mn

Minneapolis, Minnesota has a variety of activities available for people of any age. But, if you’re looking for things to do with your family, there are a few special places you might want to consider. Some of these activities are great for younger children while others are more suited to teenagers and adults. Minneapolis Institute