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How do i get around Boston

Boston can seem forlorn in winter if you’re not used to frigid temperatures. It is also an easy city to navigate with ample warm spots to escape a chill. Boston is called “America’s Walking City” for a reason. It is reasonably compact and everything is easy to reach on foot. In cold weather you should

The best over Fifty Hangouts in Boston

What do you do if you are 50 and new to Boston? Boston is a young person’s city. Each Fall, thousands of students flood into “the Hub” as Boston is called, from all over the globe to attend some of the best colleges and universities in the world. So, many of the “hangouts” cater to

How to Find a Place to Live in Boston Mass

If you are relocating to the Boston area, you are probably in the process of looking for a place to live. It is important during your investigation for good housing that you utilize every facet available to you before rushing into a decision. Renting a Boston apartment or house is not cheap in the slightest

What do Locals do in Boston

Here’s what locals do in Boston: they make their neighborhoods lively. This is a city with a throbbing pulse. It is lived-in and dense and vibrating with errands and routines and traditions. It is a city of neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods, of parishes and squares set within the larger jurisdictions. You can get the bird’s eye


Boston loves the winter. From the first snow until the April showers, the city embraces the cold. Horse-drawn carriages stroll down the streets, the sound of hooves and bells ringing between skyscrapers. Bostonians don’t hibernate; they come alive in the winter months. You really don’t have to look very far to find things to do

Boston Accent

So you want to talk like a Bostonian huh? It is an interesting accent. Being married to a Bostonian has taught me the ins and outs of this accent. It is fun to listen to and sometimes baffling. To the untrained ear, a Boston accent sounds similar to a New York City accent. (But don’t

History of the Boston Public Garden

The expression that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” holds particular truth when it comes to the colorful history of the Boston Public Garden. When horticulturist Horace Gray first approached the Boston City Council on Sept. 25, 1837, for permission to create a botanic garden, the twenty-four acre site that he had in

Best Place to Walk your Dog in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is a city with something for every member of the family to enjoy, including your dog. Boston is filled with dog-friendly parks and has some of the greatest places to walk your dog as part of a family outing or just you and your canine companion having some quality time together.  Blue Hills

Boston Public Garden Swan Boats

A visit to Boston’s Public Garden would not be complete without a ride on the famous Swan Boats. The story of the Swan Boats is a history steeped in family tradition and entrepeneurship. Boston’s Public Garden, the first of the botanical gardens established in the United States, was constructed in 1859. For almost twenty years,

Mastering the Boston Accent

I grew up in a suburb of Boston. I don’t have a Boston accent because I was born in upstate New York and then lived in Minnesota for 9 years before moving to Massachusetts. But I’ve certainly spent my fair share of time around Bostonites and found that people living south of the city, in