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Best Wedding Caterers in Maryland

With over 50 wedding caterers in the state of Maryland, couples can become overwhelmed trying to choose the right one. Finding someone with experience and a variety of food selections, at an affordable price can be a daunting task, but it is possible if you know where to look. Here is an overview of the

Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is without a doubt the biggest and most well-known city in the small state of Maryland.  Many big cities have some good sides to them and a majority of them have some very negative points to them.  Baltimore is a city that has a lot of positive points and therefore makes Baltimore a

Visit Fort Mchenry

I recently had the opportunity to visit two of the great historical landmarks of Baltimore, Fort McHenry and the USS Constellation.  Fort McHenry is a National Park located at the mouth of Baltimore harbor.  It is very assessable, take I-95 exit 55 onto Key Highway, turn left on Lawrence Street and then left on Fort

Volunteering your Time

With the promise of a hopeful 2009, Americans have been moved by inspirational speeches given by our new president. His words have provided a sense of being to those who believe there’s no where else to turn and for those who feel like there is no end to the social and economic woes we’ve been

Public Transportation in Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore is a big city.  It covers about 92 square miles and has a population of over 630,000 people.  Getting around the city can be tough – even more so if you don’t know where you are going.  Between gas, tolls, and parking, driving downtown can get expensive, especially for those who do it regularly. 

Christmas Activities in Baltimore MD

In 2009, our economy has changed drastically and the circumstances of people have changed. For families with children, some Christmas shopping is a must, but some Christmas expenses can be trimmed by attending free Christmas and holiday events in your area. This guide will focus on free Christmas and holiday activities, as well as some

Grocery Stores in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland is full of grocery stores, ranging from a big, full fledged super market, to a small convenience store.  All of these stores sell groceries, and in this article, we will confine the grocery stores to places that people living in Maryland would be familiar with. 1)  Giant!  Giant is one of the biggest

The Banner at Baltimore

Fort McHenry holds the distinction of being the only national park in the United States that is both a national monument and a historic shrine. It is situated in the heart of Baltimore, Md., at the end of a small peninsula, jutting out into the harbor. Whether you are interested in early American military tactics,

4g Options for Baltimore Area

4G is the next “big thing,” super-fast cellular Internet service that is being rolled out by various providers.  There are still few phones and other devices that can take advantage of the 4G speed, but those devices are coming.  If you live or work in the Baltimore metro area and you want to know what


The overall climate of Baltimore is best known to have a humid subtropical climate, with winters that are cool and wet and summers that are hot and muggy. The nearby Atlantic Ocean is one of the key roles that play in the city’s weather. This large mass of water brings frequent moisture all year long,