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Best College Bars new Orleans

A lot of the bars in New Orleans cater to the huge number of tourists that visit the city, specifically the French Quarter, every year. As a younger person, these bars sometimes do not have the type of crowd to create the atmosphere you are looking for. Below is a list of bars in the

Opportunities in new Orleans

Opportunities in post Katrina New Orleans Exactly, three years, six months and four days have passed since the intense winds of Hurricane Katrina swept across the Gulf Coast and wreaked havoc on New Orleans’ flood protection system leaving eighty percent of the city submerged under a murky stew of bodies, waste, debris and brackish water

New Orleans to Buy a Home

When you picture New Orleans, you may think of a wild Marti Gras party along Bourbon Street. In reality, there are several different neighborhoods within New Orleans, each containing a distinct flavor that is worth checking out. Here is a guide to help you understand the different neighborhoods of New Orleans to help you choose

New Orleans Creole new Orleans History new Oreleans Culture Mardi Gras

“The Big Easy” is not just a drink on the beverage menu at your local Cajun restaurant; it is also the nickname of a place that is just as intoxicating. New Orleans, Louisiana’s largest and one of America’s oldest cities lies nestled within the heart of the Mississippi Delta. This radically distinctive city is robust

Audubon Aquarium new Orleans Louisiana

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is by far one of the cities finest attractions. With it’s many exhibits and attractions, it is the perfect way destination for a family get away. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas is located at 1 Canal Street, on the banks of the Mississippi

Christmas in new Orleans

Christmas without snow!? For some it’s unthinkable, but if you ever feel like getting away from it all consider Christmas in the Big Easy. New Orleans has a great deal to offer in the winter when the weather outside is frightful in other parts of the country. Even if there is no white stuff on

New Orleans Walking Vacation

Stepping on the French colonial era pavement of New Orleans excites every step to further discovery of this historical city. Buildings that lasted through fires, civil wars and three dominant governments lean toward each one-way street and wait to share the secrets of this mesmerizing city. One way to discover the myriad of tales, is

New Orleans

The official founder of New Orleans is Jean Baptiste La Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, who in 1718 established New Orleans as the capitol of Louisiana and a fortress to control the wealth of the North American interior. However, La Moyne Bienville was not the first to inhabit New Orleans or understand the area’s value. The

Top two Breakfast Joints in new Orleans

2 Breakfast Joints in NOLA Camellia Grill 626 S. Carrollton Ave. (St. Charles Ave.) Usually a wait, but one that’s worth the time when you finally get in, hop onto the bolted down green swivel stools at the marble-topped, curved counter and the magic of diner breakfast begins. A fixture of New Orleans, the locals

What Makes new Orleans Vulnerable to Hurricanes

Hurricanes that impact upon the United States are formed in the east Atlantic Ocean at a time of year when the ocean water warms up. In an area off the coast of Africa between the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, atmospheric conditions impact with water temperatures to create a convection oven effect. A tropical wave of