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Great Chicago Gastropubs Great Chicago Restaurants

Every so often you run across a local eatery, a restaurant, or maybe even just a simple sandwich shop that has you texting friends about how good the food is before you’ve even paid the bill. Located at 415 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago’s River West neighborhood is just such a place called Paramount Room.

Holiday Celebrations in Chicago

Every year since 1996, Chicago has hosted a unique Christmas market at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago. The Christkindlmarket was born from a desire to improve trade relations between the City of Chicago and the country of Germany. As a result, a local German-American Chamber of Commerce in the Chicago area brought this European-style Christmas

How to Enjoy a Day at Wrigley Field in Chicago

One of the greatest trips a baseball fan can make is to Wrigley Field in Chicago. It is an absolute mecca of baseball and a true treasure of the game. Whether you are a die-hard Cubs fan or new to the game, the trip is well worth it. The Wrigleyville area has more to offer

Fun Things to do in Chicago

Chicago is the biggest city in the State of Illinois and one of the biggest in America. Settlers came to the area that is now Chicago in the late 1700’s when the first trading post was set up and the town of Chicago was founded in 1833 with a population of just 200. In the

Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago condos for sale: you’ve seen all your options and finally invested in one. Now that you’ve settled into a new luxury downtown condo and a new neighborhood, what’s next? Start exploring the downtown Chicago scene through food! Eating your way through the city is a great way to learn about it, and we suggest

Best Day Camps in South Chicago Suburbs

The south Chicago suburbs, especially in the Lincoln-Way area, is a healthily growing residential and commercial area. Towns such as Frankfort, Tinley Park, Matteson, Manhattan, Mokena, New Lenox, and others all have their own unique feel while also tying together to form a high-quality reputation for family friendliness, education, safety, growth and other important community

Driving in Chicago

How to drive in Chicago. Driving in the Chicago area, is not for the faint of heart. Some of these tips may help you navigate to your destination. Let’s start with what you can expect once you hit the roadways. You will soon find that it is every man (or woman) for himself once you hit

Great Coffee in Chicago

In the city of Chicago, there are plenty of Starbucks, but there are also plenty of independent brewers who are raising the stakes in the coffee-drinking game. Three of the best contenders are listed below, each ripe for the challenge of delighting coffee drinkers. Each has a unique feel and yet still creates the type

Chicago Transportation System

From a visitors point of view , the Chicago public transportation system is very impressive. It is fast, efficient and easy to understand. Getting in from the airport was effortless and cheap. Chicago public transportation consists of buses and a train system that is referred to as the “L”. It is easy to get from

Living in Chicago

Chicago is a wonderful city to live in. It is packed with opportunities to experience all sorts of different international cultures and ethnicities, art, theater, dance, music, shopping, dining, partying, and it is home to some of the nation’s best medical facilities (including the American Medical Association,) and educational institutions. The neighborhoods are incredibly diverse,