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Great Things to do in Maui

The hula girls, floral lei’s, palm trees, ocean as far as the eyes can see, pineapple groves, sugar cane, and a glorious beach to sip umbrella cocktails on is what we imagine when we dream of traveling to Hawaii. All of which can be accomplished in the first few hours of your adventure. The hula

Living in Hawaii Pros and Cons

In 2007, about 0.3% of the almost 1.3 million people in Hawaii decided to make the big move and live in Paradise. Were they right? Will they live happily ever after? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at some things to keep in mind if one is considering a move to the 50th State. Some of

Great Things to do in Kaanapali

Ka’anapali is located on Maui’s west coast just north of the old whaling town of Lahainia. While Ka’anapali is mainly a tourist resort area it is far from being nothing more than a “Hotel row.” In fact it is one of the must visit spots while on the island as no matter what your desire

Living in Hawaii Pros and Cons

Hawai’i, land of paradise, Polynesian culture, seemingly endless beaches, and everything we dream of when we think of our “perfect” life. Why move to Hawai’i? The benefits are many; mild climate leave those coats stateside, you will not need them here, endless days of sunshine and water sports, and a place rich in history. You

Activities in Kauai Hawaii Land Air

Our helicopter tour on Blue Hawaiian was departing from the Lihue, so we made the reverse drive that we’d made the previous night. Certainly more stunning in the daytime, it treated us to gorgeous views. After emerging from the tree tunnel, mountains loomed, covered in dense tropical vegetation giving them a mossy appearance from below.

Living in Hawaii Pros and Cons

So you have made the decision to live in Hawaii! It is a paradise, the weather is beautiful, the beaches are known around the world. There could be no downside to living in Hawaii could there? Sadly to say there can be, but what is a negative for one person could be a positive for

Activities in Kauai Hawaii in on Water

Though some purists might argue that there is no place for alarms when on vacation, we’re not really cut from the same vacationing cloth as most. In fact, when we told people that we were going to Kauai for our honeymoon, most responded with some comment about how nice and relaxing it would be to

Travelling with Kids in Oahu

I don’t have to say how beautiful Hawaii is. Whoever hasn’t been there, definitely wants to visit, and for us lucky ones that have been there well let’s just say that we most likely are thinking, “Why did I ever leave? I want to go back.” But of course Hawaii, like any other place, can

Great Things to do in Oahu

For a traveler who is interested in a little more than simply laying on a secluded beach, Oahu is the perfect Hawaiian island to visit. Brimming with fantastic opportunities for entertainment, education and fun, this island is probably the most varied in terms of possibilities for adventure of any island in the Hawaiian chain. From

Safety Tips for Hawaiis Hurricane Season

The single most important safety tip for all hurricanes; don’t be there when it comes through. Unfortunately, when you’re on an island, there are limitations. When there’s a category level 1 or 2 hurricane out in the pacific with a remote possibility of charting towards your island, the first thing you want to do is