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A Guide to the Museums of Dover Delaware

The capital city of Dover is located in the state of Delaware approximately ninety miles to the south of Philadelphia and east of Washington. Dover is a thriving city which offers a wide array of shops, restaurants, bars, leisure, social amenities and places of interest. For visitors interested in history, Dover has a wide variety

Guide to Living and Working in Delaware

Well, I can tell you from experience what it’s like to both live and work in Delaware. First off, let me tell you what I always answer when someone asks me, What’s in Delaware? I say Nothing. Now that’s not technically true, since Delaware was the first state to sign the Declaration of Independence, so

Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city in land area (17 square miles) and in population (72,826 in 2006). The city is located in the northeast corner of the state, 25 miles southwest of Philadelphia. Wilmington sits on the western bank of the Delaware River at the confluence (joining) of the Christina River and the Brandywine Creek.

Delaware Transit

New Sunday train service from Wilmington to Philadelphia starts Sunday March sixth just in time for the Philadelphia flower show. Septa already connects Wilmington and Newark to Philadelphia on a regular weekday and limited Saturday schedule. Adult round trips range from $9.50 on weekends to $12.25 on weekdays. DART, the Delaware Authority on Regional

The Museums of Dover Delaware

Visitors to Dover, the capital of Delaware will find a nice variety of museums .  These museums reflect the history and culture of the area, its position as capital of the state, and the presence of Dover Air Force Base. Dover, Delaware is rich in American history.  The first European settlement in Delaware was established


The nearby Atlantic Ocean generally affects the city of Wilmington’s climate yearly. The ocean gives Wilmington a more mild climate than most surrounding areas at the same latitude. But because Wilmington has a humid subtropical climate, the city experiences winters that are not terribly cold and summers that can be hot at times. The precipitation

The Museums of Wilmington Delaware

The city of Wilmington is located in the Brandywine Valley, New Castle County, Delaware, United States. The thriving city offers visitors a wide range of recreational and cultural activities including a number of interesting museums. Delaware History Museum Situated in Market Square, the Delaware History Museum presents a varied collection of historic pieces that are

A Guide to the Museums of Dover Delaware

Dover, the state of Delaware’s capital and the second-largest city, is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its museums provide a walk through its history, from its rural beginnings to its growth as the seat of state government. Visitors are transported to a time when people worked the land to eke out

Bars in Wilmington De

Wilmington may be “small town,” when compared to the metropolis’ of Detroit, NYC and Philadelphia, but they still know how to have a good time and have some of the best bars in the state of Delaware.  Whether you are looking for a bar with live rock bands, an Irish pub or even the upscale