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Insurance Capital Hartford and Insurance first Insurance Company Shipping Pirates

Long before Hartford, Connecticut became known as the Insurance Capital of the World, the community on the banks of the Connecticut River evolved into a shipping and trade center. Ships loaded with molasses, spices and rum sailed up and down the Connecticut River arriving and departing from England, the West Indies and beyond. Although the

Activities in Elizabeth Park Hartford Ct

Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT is like a green oasis surrounded by buildings. Boasting 102 acres, there is plenty of room to relax in a garden or run around in the recreational areas. Springtime in Elizabeth Park is a beautiful time to head to the gardens. The Annuals Garden offers tulips displaying their remarkable color

What to do in Hartford Ct

The capital city of Hartford, Connecticut is an amazing place to live, visit, and play. The downtown area of Hartford has much to offer. A stroll through Bushnell Park will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. The Bushnell Park Carousel is an exquisite handiwork, being around 90 years old. This attraction is

An Overview of Fairfield Pulic School System what Makes it so Great

Public schools are great in Fairfield for three reasons: The students who are raised to want to learn and are taught well by their parents, the parents who are well-educated themselves, and the teachers who are on the whole better than average. * [* School administrators alone share the responsibility of having to professionally assess

The best Family Restaurants in Fairfield Ct

Fairfield is a city which boasts some great restaurants, catering to all types of tastes. Whether you are looking for a quick meal or taking the family out for a special occasion, Fairfield has something for everyone. Here is a look at some of the best family dining that Fairfield has to offer: 1. Fraiche

What Activities are available to Seniors in Fairfield

What activities are available to seniors in Fairfield? There isn’t a citizen living in Fairfield who, upon becoming a senior citizen and who is willing to concede the fact and is ready to enjoy the privileges of rank, cannot benefit from activities available to seniors in their hometown. When I became a senior, I decided

Fairfield County Top 5 Hiking Spots Connecticut State Parks Hiking in Cthiking

The top five hiking grounds in Fairfield county Connecticut are easy to find. Being out on the hiking trails in this magnificent magical county it is easy to lose yourself in all of the dramatic beauty. Fairfield’s diverse terrain has something for everyone in regards to all aspects of nature. There is a place for

A look at the Significance of the Southport Historic District in Fairfield

Fairfield’s two anchor subdivisions on its North/South axis along I-95 are the hamlets, if they can be called that, of Grasmere and Southport. And, indeed, they can be called hamlets because each can claim its own present, distinctive identity as well as an historical presence in the larger community. However, Southport has a great upper

Bridgeport Ct Ferry

Here you can read everything you need to know about the Bridgeport CT ferry and traveling from Connecticut to Long Island. Blue skies and blue ocean waters await those who want to journey across the bay and avoid avoid heavily trafficked toll roads, detours and delays. Enjoy the restaurant and snack bar with outdoor seating

Everything you need to know about the Bridgeport Ct Ferry

The Bridgeport Ferry connects the upscale Black Rock neighborhood and possible future burough to Port Jefferson, thus providing easy access from Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Brookhaven, Long Island, New York. Three boats serve the route, the largest of which can transport 1,000 passengers and 100 vehicles. Bicycles are also welcome. Transit time is approximate one and