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The History of Bushnell Park in Hartford Ct

When Reverend Horace Bushnell proposed what has become known as Bushnell Park in 1853 he described his vision as “an opening in the heart of the city… a place where children play… a place for holiday scenes and celebrations… where rich and poor will exchange looks and make acquaintance through the eyes… a place of

Guide to Nightlife in Danbury Ct

Danbury, Connecticut is a great city to head out to if you enjoy the nightlife. Conveniently located off major highways and routes, the area is easy to access and there are lots of terrific places you can go if you’re looking to have a nice night on the town with a date or simply to

Famous for Brownstone Quarries

Portland Connecticut  has just been named number 88 of Money Magazines 100 Best Small Towns to Live In. For this small town of just over 9600 people, this is a major honor. Local residents have always known that there was something special about Portland but it is always nice to have a major magazine confirm

Hartford Venues where to go in Hartford Concerts in Hartford Plays in Hartford Ct Entertainment

There are numerous entertainment venues in Hartford, CT. Here are some of the best. Whether you’re interested in family events, concerts, sporting events, comedy, or expos, there’s surely a venue in Hartford with something for you. The XL Center, located in the heart of downtown Hartford, is one of the premiere arenas in the capital

Find Dinosaurs in Ctmuseumsyale Peabody Musuem in Connecticut

Can you imagine if our planet still had dinosaurs? In theory, it does. Yet they exist by viewing and learning about them through historical artifacts that have been collected by agriculturist. Where can you see and learn about dinosaurs in Connecticut? The Peabody Museum of Natural History has scientific collections on display. It is the

Connecticut Operas Past

As of February 2009, the doors to the sixth oldest professional opera company in the United States closed. The economic downturn took its toll after sixty-seven seasons. The history of the Connecticut Opera was eventful. Frank Pandolfi took the reins when the Connecticut Opera company was formed in 1942. Pandolfi stayed on board as the

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animals Dinosaur Fossils Museums in Connecticut Mica Geodesic Dome

Dinosaurs and other reptiles began two hundred million years ago. “During the Jurassic Period, the Connecticut Valley contained many shallow and temporary lakes, with alot of mudflats,” according to Geology_of_Connecticut website by Lisa Alter.Mudflats covered in mica prevented mud from sticking to dinosaurs’ feet, keeping dinosaur footprints well preserved.Edward_Hitchcock gave dinosaur footprints the name Eubrontes

The Significance of Hartford Public High School

The significance of Hartford Public High School in the State of Connecticut is due to it being the 2nd oldest high school in America. Founded in 1638 as Thomas Hooker’s Latin, it began as a school for boys who wanted to further their education. The school mostly taught Latin and Greek as they were required

Dinosaur Museum Park Connecticut

Dinosaurs, which moved on the Earth over 60 million of years ago, can be seen today at some of Connecticut’s many dinosaur museums and exhibitions. The sounds of their thunderous roars and the sight of their massive jaws can be found at several locations across Connecticut and dinosaur lovers from around the world can experience

Exploring the Childrens Museum in West Hartford

If an exciting, education experience is what you are looking for, The Children’s Museum delivers. Offering interactive experiences, this museum truly “ignites curiosity through science and nature.” Founded in 1927, the name change in 2006 did not alter the educational fun and exploration opportunities the museum offers. This multi-level museum gets your imagination flowing before