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Four Cities of Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes is an umbrella term for a number of predominately residential communities found in the southern portion of the city of Los Angeles. Palos Verdes’ numerous cities and suburbs are all found on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, which is known for its green rolling hills and its vast ocean views. Palos Verdes is essentially

The best Beaches for Children in California

Without doubt the Santa Cruz Beach area offers one of the best vacation experiences to children which will result in treasured childhood memories.  The area offers a wealth of outstanding beaches but on top of this is the opportunity to visit the landmark Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park. Founded over 100 years’ ago (1907)

Family Fun in Studio City California

Studio City is home of the famous studios, but it also has many other family-friendly activities too. You can choose from shopping, parks, attractions, and more in Studio City. There is something in this lovely city for all family members to enjoy. Universal Studios Hollywood – here you can experience the excitement of a movie

Fun Places to go in California

California is a big state and there are many different places to go.  In some ways, Californians are characterized as people who don’t think too much about the rest of the world.  Some of this may stem from the fact that there are so many things to do in California.  The state of California generally

Rainy Days at Disneyland

After months of meticulously planning your dream vacation to Disneyland, you’ve finally arrived.  The only problem is that it’s pouring.  So much for the sentiment that it never rains in Southern California.  Before you go sulking back to your hotel room, however, consider these enjoyable activities.  All you need is a poncho or umbrella, a

Eating at Disneyland

Disneyland is a magical place. There’s so much to see and do while there. Eating at Disneyland can also be a part of the whole magical experience. Disneyland has so many different places to eat, some of the best places are, The Blue Bayou, Pizza Port, Big Thunder BBQ, Plaza Inn, Golden Horseshoe and River

Dining in Downtoen Disney

Sometimes you may be in the Disneyland resort area, but just not feel like eating at Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure that day.  Perhaps, you’re just taking some time off from the parks, or you live in the area and are just taking the time to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of Downtown Disney.  Whatever

Teens and Disneyland

Although Disneyland is supposed to be fun for the whole family, there may be certain teenagers that disagree with this statement.  They have the idea that Disneyland is for children, and children only.  Of course as anyone who is a parent of a teenager knows, teenagers are not children.  Just ask them, they’ll tell you. 

Disneyland Annual Passes

If you love a single day at Disneyland, imagine how it would feel to have an entire year of days available so that you could go anytime you felt like it.  It’s a great feeling, and makes for the ultimate fun year.  Depending upon what kind of pass you have, this may be possible.  To use your annual

Disneys California Adventure

So you’ve planned a summer vacation and one of your destinations is Disney’s California Adventure.  Summer is a great time to go to the Disneyland resort as they always have the most fantastic light shows among other things.  During the day, however, it can get blisteringly hot, and you may want to stop your day