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Guide to Shopping in San Diego California

Shopping is one of the most adorable things to do in San Diego. Within budget and sometimes outside your budget! The different districts have a uniqueness when it comes to this art of exquisitry. There are many shopping malls and places to get great deals and offers. Fashion Valley Mall is among the best malls

Top 10 Disneyland Rides for Adults

Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California is a special place adults and children can enjoy together. It is a place where all worries and cares can be forgotten and adults can be kids again. Disneyland’s has a lot of amazing rides for adults. Actually all of the rides at Disneyland are geared for all members of

Places to Eat at Disneys California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure is a wonderful place to visit.  The attractions are fun.  The scenery is beautiful.  It also has some of the best food that Disneyland resort has to offer.  From the higher end offereings like Wine Country Trattoria and Ariel’s Grotto to the ice cream stands dotting the park, there are some delicious

Eating at Disneyland

When you go to Disneyland, the question will inevitably arise of where to eat.  There are so many choices, so no matter what your taste, you can find something.  Disneyland has everything from the incredibly romantic to fast and easy.  You can even have breakfast with some of your favorite Disney characters if you wish.

Teens at Disneyland

Disneyland may be advertised as the happiest place on earth, but go there with a sullen teenager and it is anything but happy.  Handling a teenager at Disneyland, especially one that doesn’t want to be there, can be miserable.  Of course the trick is to help make it so they want to be there, but

Orange County Events

Orange County, CA is a great place for vacationing.  It is home to so many attractions and events.  This is where Disneyland is located, along with Knott’s Berry Farm.  There is also the Huntington Beach Pier, where there are many events year round. Starting with Huntington Beach, there is the annual US Open of surfing

Disneyland Annual Passes

If you are a resident of Southern California, chances are that you are familiar with Disneyland.  Many residents of Southern California frequent both the theme park and the surrounding areas.  Here are just a few of the reasons that an annual pass to Disneyland may be a great investment for you. The first reason is

Disneyland on a Hot Day

Disneyland in Anaheim, California is a magical place to be. Sometimes the heat can become very unbearable making the magical place a place to melt. There are many ways to duck out of the heat and make the day enjoyable. If your room is near the park, go back and relax in the room for

Where to go for Cheap Bay Area Staycation in Silicon Valley Santa Clara San Jose and Santa Cruz

Instead of an expensive vacation, with expensive hotels, why not try a series of day trips? Then you can spend each night back in your own home. “Staycations” allow you to save money while still having fun, and since the Bay Area and Silicon Valley both cater extensively to tourists, there’s lots of great attractions

Disneys California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure is the “other side” of Disneyland.  It’s not as big as Disneyland, so it can be more challenging to find things to do there, especially with toddlers.  They may not have the attention span to sit through some of the shows, or may not be tall enough to go on many of