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A Guide to the best Nightclubs in Phoenix Az

The city of Phoenix is centered on the hospitality industry. Fine dining, luxurious spas, and expansive resorts abound here. And the nightlife is no exception. The Phoenix area boasts thousands of bars and nightclubs of varying styles and specials. With so many great places to choose from, how is a first-time visitor to find the

Phoenix Summer Camps for Kids

Schools out and summer is here! Its finally summer for kids all over Phoenix. But what is there to do now that school is out? There are many different specialty summer camps all over Phoenix for youth to keep entertained. Camps range from fun and sports, to religion and adventure. There is something for every

Phoenix the best Retirement Communities

Choosing to retire in Phoenix is a very good decision. Phoenix offers many ammenities that suit the retired person. Phoenix is relaxing, has a great climate and plenty to offer in the activities department. However, choosing a retirement community is a major decision that a retired person will make. There are many things to consider

Secret Hideaways in the Phoenix Area

In a small corner of Indian School Rd and 36th street in Phoenix exists a little coffee shop, The air pungent with the sound, and the smell of coffee from all over the world. “Chill” is the first word that comes to mind to describe it’s atmosphere. With comfortable couches, the book lined shelves whisper,

Famous People who come from Phoenix Az

Is there something in the water? Not that we know of, however there are several famous people who come from the Phoenix area. Famous people involved in politics, directors, sports, actors and even musicians, all come from this region. Politics Phoenix is the home of several political figures some that are even in the news

Family Oriented Neighborhoods in the Phoenix Area

If you’ve always dreamed of raising your family amidst the spectacular beauty and quiet serenity of the desert, but still want to remain safe and in close proximity to all of amenities of “city life”, there is no better place than the areas surrounding Phoenix Arizona. With countless cities popping up on all sides of

Best Day Spas in Phoenix Az

The desert surrounding Phoenix, Arizona is arguably the most picturesque in the entire state. With ancient cacti, glistening sand and sunsets that will take your breath away, a trip to the desert will certainly be something that you will not soon forget. Still, with all that sun and sand, after a few days of seeing

A Locals Guide to getting around Phoenix Az

Take it from a true local-getting around the Valley of the Sun isn’t all that difficult if you know what you’re doing. The trouble for most out-of-towners is that the public transportation and street networks here are unlike that of any other city in the country. By acquainting yourself with the layout and being prepared

Famous People who come from Phoenix Az

Phoenix, Arizona is not considered a state that has a lot of celebrities that were born and raised there. Looking into who was actually from Phoenix was a surprise to me. I didn’t anticipate there to be so many. I also found a lot of celebrities move there or work there finding it a peaceful

Interesting Historical Facts about Phoenix Az

The City of Phoenix and the surrounding valley is a reflection geologic evolution and a blending of diverse human cultures. Few would believe that this arid valley hundreds of miles from the ocean was once a sea much closer to the equator. The Salt River Valley has experienced numerous different human cultures that combine to