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Where to go Dancing in Phoenix Az

If you are visiting Phoenix, Arizona and want to find something fun to do at night you may want to check out the dance clubs. There are several places to go dancing and it will depend on what kind of music you prefer. There are clubs for straight people and those for gays or lesbians.

A Guide to State Parks in the Phoenix Area

Phoenix is one of America’s great tourist destinations. It is also the fifth most populous city in the nation. This combination of factors make recreational activities in the area fairly high-demand. But, if you’re looking to get away from it all and avoid crowds, there’s always the option to head out into nature and check

Famous People who come from Phoenix Az

When raised in a town, you learn what becomes the legends and history of the area. Phoenix is famous for Lynda Carter, Steven Spielberg, Alice Cooper and Stevie Nicks, but those are just to name a few. Some were born here while others would adopt the city as their own. Famous as those mentioned certainly

Interesting Historical Facts about Phoenix Az

Though Arizona is a relatively “new” state-having been made official in 1912-the state is still rich in history. Many people know of Tombstone and the great gunfight at the O.K. Corral, but the history of Arizona extends beyond the commonly known. Specifically in the Phoenix area, the stories of years past are retold through landmarks

Gay Friendly Bars in Phoenix Az

If you are looking for a vast selection of bars that cater to the gay community, Phoenix has more than thirty to offer. Known as the gay nightlife hub of the Southwest, Phoenix also has one of the best selections of gay bars in the nation. Being a party city, Phoenix has a bar to

Famous People who come from Phoenix Az

How many times have we past one of those “Historical Marker” signs on the side of the road and wished they had the same kind of sign for other things? A “Celebrity Marker” sign that would point out where celebrities were born and where they went to school would be interesting. If you have a

A Guide to the best Beauty Shops in Phoenix

Okay, so I’m a princess for salons and day spas, and when I visit Phoenix Arizona this is no exception. Upon my most recent trip to Phoenix I came across the Bare Paws Massage Co, hmm seemed interesting. Well I was most satisfied with my visit here and I will be recommending this place to

Interesting Historical Facts about Phoenix Az

When looking at interesting historical facts, it is always fun to look at the unusual and wacky history that has happened in a city. It is this “character” that defines a city and so often carves a city into a major tourist hot spot. Lost Gold Mine If you happen to be a treasure hunter,

A Locals Guide to getting around Phoenix Az

Phoenix is an amazing city of shopping, museums, performing arts, sporting events, and outdoor activities, but to take in all it has to offer, there will be some driving involved. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of finding your way around a metropolitan city. The city is surrounded and crossed by a system of freeways

A Guide to State Parks in the Phoenix Area

What kind of state park are you? Where you go for vacation says a lot about you. The state parks near Phoenix have just as much variety to them as there are different personalities. Whether you are looking for an exhilarating hike, searching for lost treasure, or learning about native animals and plants; the state