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Anchorqage Bars

When it comes to bars and nightlife Anchorage has it in abundance. The nights are either very long or very short but no matter which you will find a great bar to relax, meet friends and enjoy an evening out. Chilkoot Charlie’s When a bar has earned the reputation of “world famous” you have certain

Neighborhood Guide Rabbit Creek in Anchorage Ak

One of Anchorage Alaska’s finer neighborhoods is known as Rabbit Creek. Located south east of downtown, this quiet neighborhood offers all the amenities of city living with a quaint hometown feel. Rabbit Creek covers an area of about 22.67 square miles and is home to approximately 4,647 of the city’s nearly 400,000 residents. Most of

Homes for Sale in Anchorage

Located in the southern area of the state of Alaska, Anchorage is the largest city of the state with a population of approximately 279,243 municipal residents.  Based on a part of the coastal lowland, Anchorage has more than one unique feature that makes it a popular destination among homebuyers. Anchorage has a stable and robust

The Geography of Anchorage Ak

Between the marsh-edged Kenai Peninsula and the forested Alaska mainland, Cook Inlet stretches north for one hundred eighty miles, with mountains forming its backdrop on both sides. At its head it splits into two reaches, the Knik Arm and the Turnagain Arm, nearly surrounding the city of Anchorage with water. Anchorage is thus sheltered from

Neighborhood Guide Rabbit Creek in Anchorage Ak

Rabbit Creek is a neighborhood in the city of Anchorage in the state of Alaska. The transportation system in Rabbit Creek is served by one sstate highway and many roads, streets and avenues. Included in this transportation system are three creeks and the Alaska Railroad. Rabbit Creek Center offers a lot to the community. This

An Overview of Alaskas Weather

Alaska is located in the north-western corner of the North American continent.  It is the most northerly state in the United States.  Its immediate neighbors are the Yukon Territory and the province of British Columbia in Canada.  In the west it is bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Straight.  Across the straight is

Things to do for St Patricks Day in Anchorage Ak

St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in 1737 honoring an Irish saint. While the holiday invokes parades, shamrocks and beer, it is also heralding the entrance of spring with all its green glory. Parades are always a fun way to celebrate the holiday. With many bagpipe groups and leprechauns to entertain the crowds, there are

Neighborhood Guide Campbell Park in Anchorage Ak

Campbell Park is a neighborhood that is located in the city of Anchorage in the state of Alaska. This neighborhood spans an area of 6.282 square miles. The population of Campbell Park is 6,130. This neighborhood is made up of a variety of races that include, black, white, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian. The average

Fun Things to do in Alaska

Looking for something fun to do in Anchorage? There’s no shortage of fun in the area, with activities and events that are entertaining as well as educational. Prince William Sound is one of the most fun things in Anchorage! An hour and a half long tour allows you breathtaking views of magnificent waterfalls, glaciers, and

Neighborhood Guide Fairview in Anchorage Ak

 Fairview is a neighborhood that is located in the city of Anchorage in the state of Alaska. It is home to the Anchorage Park that has many trails, and recreational activities. Fairview also has a community recreation center that is open seven days a week. This recreation center has a full sized gym  for adults