What to do when the Weather is too Hot at Disneyland

You may be thrilled at first when you see the weather report for your day at Disneyland.  Sunny and clear!  Only when you get there do you realize how hot it can truly get in sunny California.  So what should you do when the weather is too hot at Disneyland?  Consider the following tactics to beat the heat.

Dress appropriately

You are probably going to be much too hot if you are wearing something very heavy at Disneyland.  If you have some extraneous layers then you can remove them when you feel that the weather is too hot.  If you are wearing something completely uncomfortable such as a heavy flannel long sleeve shirt, then you might want to even purchase a t-shirt there that you can change into.  They sell many.  Also, if you know that you are really sensitive you can purchase clothing that is made of a material specifically made to keep you cool such as a shirt from Under Armour. 

Bring a water spray fan

These inventions can really go a long way to helping you keep cool at Disneyland.  They sell them at the park.  They are a water bottle and fan in one. You can fill them with ice cold water (and some of them have a place to put in ice as well) and they have a battery powered fan.  When they are selling them in the park, they often have them in carts filled with ice and you can add in more ice as yours melts throughout the day.  They also make miniature ones and just fans without the water.  You can usually save money if you buy these before you get to Disneyland.

Do the indoor activities in the heart of the day

It is usually cooler in the morning and then the temperature peeks at a certain time.  There are different indoor activities at Disneyland, and you can specifically plan to do these when it is the hottest.  If you feel that you are just getting overwhelmed by the heat, then you can go indoors to eat.  Remember that even some of the indoor activities like rides have lines that are outside.  Some other activities are in the shade, however, and even that can help a lot on a hot sunny day.

Hot weather at Disneyland is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that it has to ruin your vacation.  Consider the above tips to aid you in this situation.