What to do when it Rains at Disneyland

Disneyland is a great place to be, however rain can present quite the challenge.  There are different things that you can do in this scenario to help yourself still have the vacation of your dreams.  Consider the following ideas.

Bring rainy weather gear and use it

With the right gear you might do just fine with rainy weather at Disneyland.  You will probably see a sea of Mickey Mouse ponchos when the first raindrops hit.  They sell these at the park, however you can save money by preparing ahead and buying some from another source.  Of course you can also bring your own more substantial raincoat, which might be more comfortable than some of the ponchos, which can feel like oversized garbage bags.  These are inexpensive, light and easy to store.  In a lighter rain, you might feel comfortable just walking around with those on.

Of course, you can also use umbrellas.  Again, to save time and money you should bring your own.  They sell some that are very miniature and can fit into a purse or even a pocket. You might just be able to use these and resume your travels around Disneyland.

Look for the indoor rides, shows and activities

Disneyland truly is a mix of the indoor and outdoor.  Some things are entirely outdoors, some are indoors and some are a combination.  When it rains, you can consider doing the ones that are indoor.  Remember that sometimes even though a ride is indoors you might have to wait in line outdoors so take that into consideration.  You could also go to eat at an indoor location to ride out the weather.

Of course, lightning and thunder is a different entity altogether.  If the rain at Disneyland is accompanies by this, then you will want to be more careful.  Although rare, people can and do get struck by lightning and that would obviously put a crimp in your vacation.  If this occurs, then you might want to seek shelter in one of the inside exhibits (not under a tree!)

The more prepared you are for rain at Disneyland the better.  On the day that you go, you should check the weather report.  If you know that it will rain at a certain time, then try to do the outdoor activities at different times and leave the inside ones to when it might rain.  Also, the above tips can help you when Mother Nature isn’t playing along with your vacation plans at Disneyland.