Vegetarian restaurants in San Jose

In San Jose, when  you are looking for good vegetarian food,  you won’t have to look very hard or go very far to find some delicious choices. There are a variety of good vegetarian restaurants but you don’t have to limit yourself to just eating at strictly vegetarian eateries. Most of the restaurants in town will offer vegetarian options that are sure to satisfy and keep you coming back.

Good Karma

If you are looking for a good vegan deli in San Jose by popular consensus Good Karma is the place to head. It is a tiny little storefront with a case of prepared food that will be warmed up for you to eat in or you can take it to go. Most of the food has an Asian flare and you can also get fresh sandwiches. Parking can be problematic in the area but there is metered parking nearby. If you enjoy art there walls are an ever changing gallery. If you are looking for good and well priced vegan food, Good Karma will help you maintain your good karma.

Original Joe’s Italian Restaurant

Since 1956,  the Rocca family has been serving up good solid Italian American food at their Original Joe’s Italian Restaurant downtown location. When the downtown began to fail in the 1970’s instead of moving as so many other businesses did they stayed and have become a staple of downtown San Jose.

While their menu has plenty of meat for the carnivore, the vegetarian will find enough delicious choices to keep them coming back.

For starters there is the tomato and onion salad and the tomato and mozzarella salad both of which are as attractive as they are tasty. Follow this with cheese ravioli, eggplant Parmesan, spaghetti Napoletana, pasta al olio or pesto. Portions are large and prices are very reasonable.

Joe’s allows you to follow your vegetarian preferences while tasting a bite of San Jose’s culinary history.

Gojo’s Ethiopian Restaurant

To try history of a totally different kind a visit to Gojo’s Ethiopian Restaurant at 1261 W. San Carlos St. will introduce you to the cuisine of Ethiopia. Be prepared for unique spice combinations and to eat with your hands in the traditional manner of this part of the Dark Continent.

They have an extensive menu that features beef, lamb and chicken but also a menu page of vegetarian options. Collards greens and red lentils never tasted so good. Atakilt Wot combines chopped potatoes and carrots in a mild sauce and Ater Kit offers split yellow peas combined with garlic, green peppers and onions again in a mild sauce.

Prices are extremely reasonable and most meals run around $7.50

New Krung Thai Restaurant

If you are looking for sophistication with your Thai food then New Krung Thai Restaurant is the perfect place to go. This is the second restaurant in the Krung chain and in this one perfection has been reached. The building finally matches the quality if the chef prepared Thai cuisine.

The flavors of Thailand are going to explode in your mouth when you try one of their perfectly prepared vegetarian dishes. Now of course this is not a vegetarian only restaurant but you will find many vegetarian choices including Vegetarian Pad Thai, Choo Chee Tofu, Vegetarian Spring Rolls. Som Tum, Tom Kha Phak and Tom Yum Phak. These are just a few of the vegetarian options that are available at Krung. For a top notch dining experience you can head to either of the Krung locations.

San Jose has a wide variety of dining options. Among the many restaurants there are some excellent vegetarian friendly options. These are just a few of the many choices you will have in San Jose.