Vegetarian Friendly Eateries in Fresno Ca

Unlike San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, finding good vegetarian fare in Fresno, CA is not the simplest of tasks. Having said that, Fresno has come a long way in the last 10-15 years or so and now you can find several places that serve great vegetarian meals.

One Fresno vegan restaurant serving Asian and Chinese food, is aptly named Loving Hut, which is part of an international chain of restaurants opened by the followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, a strong advocate of vegetarian living. Loving Hut is located  at 1495 N Van Ness Avenue at Olive and McKinley in the Tower District of Fresno. They serve veggie burgers, veggie protein stir-frys and rice dishes. Their menu is fairly sizeable with 18 items to boot.

Another vegetarian friendly restaurant is located at 1807 Broadway at Divisadero and serves American food. Revive Café and Whole Foods Market is a café and organic grocery store. The café serves raw food meals and cooked soup, all vegetarian. Honey is used in a few of the menu items so it is best to ask if you are a vegan.

A number of other restaurants are not exclusively vegetarian but are vegetarian-friendly such as Brahma Bull (3050 W Shaw Ave 108, Fresno), an East Indian restaurant with a buffet and about 6 hot vegan items plus vegetarian options and dishes containing meat, Casa de Tamales (3747 W Shaw Ave, Fresno), which is a Mexican restaurant serving vegan-friendly, ovo, lacto and ovo-lacto meals as well as meat, and Lucy’s Lair Ethiopian Restaurant (10063 N Maple Ave, Fresno), an Ethiopian restaurant with an inexpensive lunch buffet serving several vegan dishes and meat dishes with vegetarian options.  Another is Wahoo’s, also called Wahoo’s Fish Taco, (7835 N Palm Ave, Fresno) whose menu includes a variety of fillings including marinated tofu, sautéed mixed vegetable teriyaki and bean and rice burritos (has cheese. Vegans must specify).

There are also several vegetarian grocery markets that serve ready to eat meals such as Organic Fresno (903 Parkway Dr, Fresno) which serves mostly vegan ready to eat meals including breakfast items such as corn pancakes and bean burritos. They also serve juices and smoothies. Lunch items include vegan pizza and stir-frys. India Sweets and Spices (3055W Ashlan Ave, Fresno) is an Indian grocery store with Indian fast food that is all vegetarian. They serve chaat, dosas and South Indian food. They even have a seating area in the back with a few tables so you can sit and enjoy your meal.

In conclusion, as opposed to several years ago, there are quite a number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and markets serving vegetarian and vegan meals. No longer is Fresno considered the cultural death zone of California and the vegetarian food lover can find many a meal here in Fresno.