Teens at Disneyland

Disneyland may be advertised as the happiest place on earth, but go there with a sullen teenager and it is anything but happy.  Handling a teenager at Disneyland, especially one that doesn’t want to be there, can be miserable.  Of course the trick is to help make it so they want to be there, but accomplishing that is a true feat.  You need to show them that there are rides that are not just for the little kids, and you may make some headway.

When you walk into the gates, hopefully your teenager will forget everything for a while, but you may have to take them on a few rides before they start to loosen up.  One of the rides that is the easiest to get to from the entrance is the Indiana Jones ride.  This ride takes them through a series of adventures, Indiana Jones style.  It’s a great ride to get the blood pumping.  Just make sure that they didn’t have too big a breakfast.  After Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean is a great ride at any age, as is the Haunted Mansion, and these are both nearby.  Haunted Mansion is especially good during the holiday season as for some reason, many teens seem to be drawn to the “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

If you really want to make a splash with them, try Splash Mountain.  They may find the characters slightly childish, but I doubt they’ll mind that nice huge drop at the end.  Since Critter Country dead ends near Splash Mountain, and very few teens have much use for the Winnie the Pooh ride, it’s time to make your way back into Frontierland where you can take them on Big Thunder Mountain.  This is pretty mild as far as roller coasters go, but it is still fun.  

From there, you can make your way through Fantasyland.  There is not much for teens in Fantasyland, although there are still a select few that enjoy it.  Make your way to the Matterhorn bobsleds, and enjoy a trip on the snowy peaks.  By the time you are done on the Matterhorn, you will be right next to Tomorrowland.  Tomorrowland is wonderful for teenagers.  Between the Starcade, Space Mountain, and Innoventions, you can stay in this land with your teenager almost all day.  Star Tours was good but is now closed to make way for Star Tours II.  When it is time to eat, there is a choice of pizza and pasta, at the Pizza Port, or burgers and chicken sandwiches at Tomorrowland Terrace.  

By the end of the night, hopefully your teenager will have loosened up and learned to enjoy themselves.  If not, there’s always tomorrow at California Adventure.